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Starting June 15, 2020


June 15, 2020

Virtual Tech Talks


Adobe Connect sessions launch from this page - links will appear under the Topic Titles below.


We’re joining AIAA’s Virtual Aviation Forum by bringing you the same opportunities to learn about our great aerospace related that were slated to exhibit in Reno. Scroll down to the Tech Talk section to learn more about viewing their digital profile and viewing a recorded Tech Talk - exactly as it would have been presented in The HUB Zone. Have a question? We will help you Meet the Expert! behind the technology and turn your questions into solutions. Find out why we say we are virtually delivering Tomorrow's Technology Today!


We are pleased to offer a virtual option to listen, learn, and meet our exhibiting small businesses.


Our 27 SBIR/STTR projects are grouped into the following focus areas:

  • Additive Manufacturing

  • Aircrew Equipment & Training

  • Antennas, Sensors & Self-Defense Systems

  • Aviation Design & Test Tools

  • Battery & Power Technologies

  • Fiber Optics / Photonic Technologies

  • Structural Health Monitoring & Repair Advancements

Scroll down to view the entire portfolio or download the PDF here.

Here’s how to make the most of your virtual experience:

  • Click on the company name – this takes you to the company’s corporate website
  • Click on the topic number (far right) – to view details specific to this topic/project
  • Click on the VTM link to see other opportunities offered by the small business
  • Click on the topic title – if active, this will open the Tech Talk replay

(Virtual Tech Talks become available after June 15th, only topic titles in bold are viewable.)

Our Technologies

Additive Manufacturing
                Senvol LLC VTM Link ONR [Code 30] / N16A-T022
Using Machine Learning to Reduce Cost and Time to Qualify Additive Manufacturing Processes
                Shepra INC. VTM Link NAVAIR [PEO (A)] / N16A-T007
Optimized High Performance Stainless Steel Powder for Selective Laser Melting Additive Manufacturing (AM)
                Triton Systems, Inc. VTM Link NAVAIR [PEO (A)] / N171-010
Additive Manufacturing Technology for Sonobuoy Applications
Aircrew Equipment & Training
                Charles River Analytics Inc. VTM Link NAVAIR [JSF] / N162-094
Ecological Advanced Support Interface Toolkit for Heads Up Attention to Improve Warfighter Knowledge (EASI-HAWK)
                Creare LLC VTM Link NAVAIR [PEO (T)] / N172-120
Flight Head and Hearing Protection System
                NanoSonic, Inc. VTM Link NAVAIR [JSF] / N171-008
Lightweight, highly breathable HybridSil® drysuit fabrics with instant watertight sealing
                SDI Engineering Inc VTM Link NAVAIR [AIR-4.3] / N092-111
Development and Validation of an Advanced Simulation Tool for the Evaluation of Aerial Refueling Events
                Triton Systems, Inc. VTM Link NAVAIR [AIR-1.0] / N171-018
Low Cost In-Flight Bladder Relief
                Wolf Technical Services, Inc. VTM Link NAVAIR [PEO (A)] / N171-026
Aircrew-Mounted Self-Adjusting Tether System
Antennas, Sensors & Self-Defense
                Pacific Antenna Systems VTM Link NAVAIR [PEO (U&W)] / N141-015
Long range, High Capacity Backhaul (HCB) Ultra-wideband antennas for Ku and W Band network applications
                Quad-M, Inc. VTM Link NAVAIR [PEO (T)] / N171-030
Dual Chaff Air Expendable Decoy Device
                QUASAR Federal Systems, Inc. VTM Link NAVAIR [PEO (A)] / N172-116
Miniature Oriented Tri-Axial Fluxgate Magnetometer Sensor
                Special Aerospace Services, LLC VTM Link NAVAIR [PEO (T)] / N172-115
Selective Emission of Light Utilizing Functionally-Graded Energetic Materials
Aviation Design & Test Tools
                Combustion Science & Engineering, Inc. VTM Link NAVAIR [PEO (T)] / N17A-T003
Ignition Modeling for Present and Future Combustors and Augmentors
                Directed Vapor Technologies International, Inc. VTM Link NAVAIR [NAVAIR] / N17B-T031
Materials Modeling Tool for Alloy Design to Streamline the Development of High Temperature, High-Entropy Alloys for Advanced Propulsion Systems
                SimVentions, Inc. VTM Link NAVAIR [JSF] / N162-084
Hardware Open Systems Technologies (HOST) Hardware Integration Tool Set
                Tucson Embedded Systems VTM Link NAVAIR [JSF] / N162-086
Hardware Open Systems Technologies (HOST) Conformance Tool
Battery & Power Technologies
                Bioenno Tech, LLC VTM Link NAVAIR [4.0T CTO] / N162-092
All Solid-State Batteries for Navy Applications
                Composite Technology Development, Inc. VTM Link ONR [Code 33] / N172-128
Manufacturing Process Development for High Temperature Polymer or Nanocomposite Films for Dielectric Capacitors
                MicroLink Devices VTM Link NAVAIR [PEO (U&W)] / N16A-T006
Novel, High-Efficiency, Light-weight, Flexible Solar Cells as Electrical Power Generation Source
                Storagenergy Technologies, Inc. VTM Link NAVAIR [4.0T CTO] / N162-092
All Solid-State Batteries for Navy Applications
Fiber Optics / Photonics
                Intelligent Fiber Optic Systems Corporation VTM Link NAVAIR [JSF] / N171-032
Intelligent Fiber-Optic Network with Real Time Built-in Test Performance Monitoring for Prognostics and Diagnostics
                Phase Sensitive Innovations, Inc. VTM Link NAVAIR [JSF] / N171-031
1 Micron Fiber Optic Receiver for Mil-Aero Environment
                Tetramer Technologies, LLC VTM Link NAVAIR [AIR-1.0] / N112-125
Fiber Optic Refractive Index Matching Material
Structural Health Monitoring & Repair
                Acellent Technologies, Inc. VTM Link NAVAIR [PEO (A)] / N122-110
Fatigue crack detection in rotorcraft structures
                Creare LLC VTM Link NAVAIR [PEO (A)] / N162-087
A Novel System for On-Site Structural Restoration Methods for Aircraft Components
                Physics Renaissance LLC VTM Link NAVAIR [PEO (A)] / N161-009
Innovative Sensing Fasteners for Aircraft Fatigue Monitoring
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The 2020 AIAA Aviation and Aeronautics Forum and Exposition (2020 AIAA AVIATION Forum) is the only aviation event that covers the entire integrated spectrum of aviation business, research, development, and technology. The 2020 forum will bring together experts to share ideas on aeroacoustics; applied aerodynamics; fluid dynamics; multidisciplinary design optimization; air traffic operations, management, and systems; and much more.

Celebrating our 20th year, the Department of the Navy’s SBIR/STTR Transition Program (Navy STP) is excited to bring the Navy’s Forum for SBIR/STTR Transition (Navy FST) to join our friends from AIAA in their Virtual Aviation Forum and showcase exciting Navy SBIR/STTR technologies with a decidedly aerospace focus. Navy FST delivers STP-supported small business solutions to government and industry leaders through Tech Talks and connections to Meet the Experts. Find information on current and past Navy STP topics, and other advanced technologies, in the Virtual Transition Marketplace (VTM). Visit NavyFST.com for details, then search the Virtual Transition Marketplace (VTM) and discover solutions to your technology challenges!


We’re inbound with exciting, innovative technologies delivering Tomorrow’s Technology Today to the United States Navy and Marine Corps. Twenty-three small businesses are ready to tell you virtually about their Navy-funded developments and solutions for your technology needs. Scroll up to view their Tech Talk recordings by clicking on the topic title. (Virtual Tech Talks are available starting June 15) Our small businesses and the FST team are ready to help you find solutions from small companies with big impact!

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When can I register for Navy FST?

You do not have to register for this Navy FST event. Our event is joining AIAA by going virtual with our Tech Talks at the Aviation Forum.

Will there be another Navy FST this year?

This is our last Navy FST Event for the 2019-2020 STP cycle. Join us next spring as we showcase new and exciting technologies from the 2020-2021 Navy STP cycle.

As always, you can explore all of our current and past Navy STP technologies in the Virtual Transition Marketplace. Click here or select Marketplace (VTM) in the menu above.

How do I set up a meeting with one of your small businesses?

Find a technology that interests you in our Tech Talk section above or in the Virtual Transition Marketplace (VTM). Select the topic number in the Tech Talk section or click “Details” on the VTM tile for the project – both take you to a two-page, downloadable information sheet on the the topic, the technology developed, and contact information to learn more.