Virtual FST at Sea-Air-Space 2020

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April 6, 2020

Virtual Tech Talks


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Even though Sea-Air-Space is cancelled, we are still offering you opportunities to learn about the great technologies that were slated to exhibit. Scroll down to the Tech Talk section to learn more about viewing their digital profile and viewing a recorded Tech Talk - exactly as it would have been presented at Sea-Air-Space. Have a question? We will help you Meet the Expert! behind the technology and turn your questions into solutions. Find out why we say we are delivering (virtually) Tomorrow's Technology Today!


We are pleased to offer a virtual option to listen, learn, and meet our ‘exhibiting’ small businesses.


Our 30 SBIR/STTR projects are grouped into the following focus areas:

  • Aviation & Avionics Enhancements

  • Communications & Cyber

  • EO/IR & EW Systems Support

  • Logistics & Maintenance

  • UUV/USV & Undersea Warfare

  • Warfighter Tools & Support

Scroll down to view the entire portfolio or download the PDF here.

Here’s how to make the most of your virtual experience:

  • Click on the company name – this takes you to their corporate website
  • Click on the Topic Number (far right) – to view details specific to this topic/project
  • Click on the VTM Link to see other opportunities offered by the small business
  • Click on the Topic Title – if active, this will open up their Tech Talk replay

(Not all projects provided a Virtual Tech Talk, only topic titles in bold are viewable.)

Our Technologies

Aviation & Avionics Enhancements
                BGI LLC VTM Link NAVAIR [AIR-1.0] / N112-111
Landing Signal Officer – Data Analysis Toolkit (LSO-DAT)
                Mentis Sciences, Inc. VTM Link NAVAIR [PEO (A)] / N17A-T007
Innovative Packaging to Achieve Extremely Light Weight Sensor Pod Systems
                WW Technology Group VTM Link NAVAIR [PEO (A)] / N152-096
Miniaturized, Fault Tolerant Decentralized Mission Processing Architecture for Next Generation Rotorcraft Avionics Environment
                Midé Technology Corporation VTM Link NAVAIR [PEO (T)] / N171-009
Touchstone – Rugged Touchscreen Button with Positive Indication Feedback
                Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. VTM Link NAVAIR [PEO (U&W)] / N171-022
Novel High Energy Density Fuels Development
                Taylor & Lego Holdings, LLC (TLH) / Rapid Composites VTM Link ONR [ONR] / MDA12-025
Affordable Reinforced Polymer Composite Structures with Embedded Electrical Interfaces
Communications & Cyber
                WPL, Inc. VTM Link MARCOR [MARCOR] / N162-073
TEAM – Twice Encrypted and Authenticated Multicast
                Skayl LLC VTM Link NAVAIR [JSF] / N162-101
Scalable Model-Driven Protocol Mediation and Systems Integration
                Charles River Analytics Inc. VTM Link NAVSEA [PEO IWS] / N171-056
Detecting Anomalies in Application Memory Space (DAAMS)
                Innovative Defense Technologies VTM Link NAVSEA [PEO IWS] / N171-049
Cyber Resiliency via Virtualization for Combat Systems
                TRITON SYSTEMS, INC. VTM Link NAVSEA [PEO SUB] / N171-039
High Optical Power Hull Penetrator for Submarine Fiber Optic Systems
                RKF Engineering VTM Link NAVWAR [NAVWAR] / A04-127
New Advanced Integrated Line-of-Sight Equipment System (nAILES)
EO/IR & EW Systems Support
                Intraband LLC VTM Link NAVAIR [PEO (T)] / N17A-T006
Super-Efficient Mid-Infrared Quantum Cascade Lasers with Continuous-Wave Wall-Plug Efficiencies in Excess of 40%
                Vadum VTM Link NAVAIR [PEO (T)] / N172-110
Virtual Antenna Array Mapping
                HYPRES, Inc. VTM Link ONR [Code 31] / N162-125
Read Out of Single Photon Cryogenic Array Detectors Via Energy Efficient Digital Means
Logistics & Maintenance
                BGI LLC VTM Link NAVAIR [PEO (U&W)] / N112-111
Analysis and Reporting Capability for Smart Aircraft Data
                Luna Innovations Incorporated VTM Link NAVSEA [PEO SUB] / N151-027
Processes for Condition Monitoring and Prognostics at the Sensor Node
                Premier Solutions Hi, LLC VTM Link NAVSUP [NAVSUP] / N171-077
CS:CLIPBoard – Integrated Barcode and Inventory Management System
                Charles River Analytics Inc. VTM Link NAVWAR [PMW-120] / N132-139
Distributed Analysis Tool for Enterprise Monitoring (DATEM)
                Trident Systems Incorporated VTM Link ONR [Code 30] / N162-121
New Condition Based Maintenance and Energy Command and Control Network Architectures for the Naval Expeditionary Force
UUV/USV & Undersea Warfare
                TRITON SYSTEMS, INC. VTM Link NAVSEA [PEO SUB] / N171-055
Autonomous Towed Array Straightening System
                McQ Inc. VTM Link NAVSEA [PEO USC] / N171-053
SonoWatch: Navy Acoustic Situational Awareness System
                Charles River Analytics Inc. VTM Link ONR [Code 33] / OSD12-HS3
Topside Optical Processing for Global Unmanned Navy (TOPGUN)
                Orbit Logic Incorporated VTM Link ONR [Code 35] / N17A-T029
Multi-vehicle Collaboration with Minimal Communications and Minimal Energy
                Giner, Inc. VTM Link ONR [ONR] / N10A-T030
High-Energy-Density Hydrogen Delivery System
Warfighter Tools & Support
                Charles River Analytics Inc. VTM Link NAVAIR [JSF] / N162-094
Ecological Advanced Support Interface Toolkit for Heads Up Attention to Improve Warfighter Knowledge (EASI-HAWK)
                NanoSonic, Inc. VTM Link NAVAIR [JSF] / N171-008
Lightweight, highly breathable HybridSil™ drysuit fabrics with instant watertight sealing
                Sera Star LLC. VTM Link NAVAIR [PEO (T)] / N171-007
Oxygen Mask Development to Improve and Facilitate Mask Discipline
                VIRTUVIA, LLC (dba CoachMePlus) VTM Link NAVSUP [NAVSUP] / N171-079
Human Performance Self-Service Kiosk and Application
                Creative MicroSystems Corp. VTM Link ONR [Code 30] / N162-123
Holographic Enabled Display System for Force-on-Force Marine Training


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Celebrating our 20th year, the Department of the Navy’s SBIR/STTR Transition Program (STP) was excited to bring the Navy’s Forum for SBIR/STTR Transition (Navy FST) to Sea-Air-Space 2020. Navy FST delivers STP-supported small business solutions to government and industry leaders through Tech Talks and Meet the Expert sessions. Find information on current and past STP topics, and other advanced technologies, in the Virtual Transition Marketplace (VTM). Visit for Navy FST details, then search the Virtual Transition Marketplace (VTM) and discover solutions to your technology challenges!


Hold in the chocks! Check back soon as we bring you more information on the 30 exciting, innovative technologies delivering Tomorrow’s Technology Today to the United States Navy and Marine Corps. Twenty-five small business are ready to virtually tell you about their Navy-funded developments and solutions for your technology needs. Scroll up to view their Tech Talk recordings – click on the Topic Title. Our small businesses and FST team are ready to help you find solutions from Small Companies with Big Impact!

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Will there be another FST this year?

Yes – we are scheduled to present FST at the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Aviation and Aeronautics Forum and Exposition (AIAA AVIATION Forum) . This event takes place 16-18 June in Reno, Nevada. Visit our FST at AIAA Aviation page for more information.

I have a Navy SBIR contract - can I exhibit at FST?

Only small businesses participating in the current cycle of the Navy’s SBIR/STTR Transition Program (STP) are offered the opportunity to exhibit at one of our FST events. Please visit to learn how you can be a part of STP and FST!

How do I set up a meeting with one of your small businesses?

Find a technology that interests you in our Tech Talk section above or in the Virtual Transition Marketplace (VTM). Select the Topic Number in the Tech Talk section or click “Details” on the VTM tile for the project – both take you to a two-page, downloadable PDF, information sheet on the the topic, the technology developed, and include contact information to learn more.