Patuxent River, MD

March 22-23, 2022


The Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) and the Department of SBIR/STTR Transition Program (Navy STP) are presenting the Navy Forum for SBIR/STTR Transition (FST) Focused Technology Event at NAVAIR (NAVAIR FST Days). This in-person event is planned for 22-23 March at the NAVAIR Headquarters in Patuxent River, Md.

Navy FST focused technology events promote mature technologies from companies participating in the Navy STP, connecting these small businesses with government and industry personnel through on-demand Tech Talk presentations and Meet the Experts one-on-one meetings via web-chat. Additionally, these companies have an enhanced online presence through the Navy STP small business technology showcase, the Virtual Transition Marketplace (VTM). The VTM provides additional information on innovative Phase II Navy technologies developed by small businesses participating in the program.

NAVAIR provides materiel support for aircraft and airborne weapon systems for the United States Navy. 

For information on attending the event, email us at with subject line “NAVAIR FST Days”.

Our Technologies

This event focuses on mature Navy SBIR/STTR technologies that are ready for transition, advancing air and maritime systems and warfighting capabilities in the following areas: Air Platforms; Autonomy; C4I; Electronic Warfare; Energy & Power Technologies; Ground and Sea Platforms; Materials & Manufacturing; Sensors; and Sustainment.


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Tech Talk Schedule

Air Platforms

ATA Engineering, Inc VTM N18B-T029 On Demand
Optimization of Fatigue Test Signal Compression Using The Wavelet Transform
AVNIK Defense Solutions, Inc VTM N182-100 On Demand
Data Analytics for Navy Aircraft Component Fatigue Life Management
BCO Inc VTM N171-029 On Demand
Accurate Sensing of Low Speed Vehicle Motion Relative to a Moving Platform
CFD Research Corporation VTM N17A-T002 On Demand
Physics-based Computationally Efficient Spray Combustion Models for LES of Multiphase Reacting Flows
Continental Controls and Design, Inc. VTM N171-028 On Demand
Lightweight Self-Start System for T56 Engine Driven Aircraft
Cornerstone Research Group, Inc. VTM N192-052 On Demand
Electrical Load Management System (ELMS)
Data Fusion & Neural Networks, LLC VTM N193-A01 On Demand
Navy Artificial Intelligence Maintenance System (AIMS)
International Mezzo Technologies, Inc VTM N102-110 On Demand
Cooling/Thermal Management System Development for Active Denial Technology (ADT) and High-Power Radio-Frequency vehicle Stopper (RF) Systems
Knowledge Based Systems, Inc. VTM N193-A01 On Demand
Luna Innovations Incorporated VTM N191-015 On Demand
ACES: Aircrew Endurance System
SA Photonics, Inc. VTM N10B-T049 On Demand
Expanding Helicopter Pilots’ Field of View with a Wide Field of View Night Vision System (WNVS)
SAFE, Inc. VTM N171-026 On Demand
Aircrew-Mounted Self-Adjusting Tether System
Systems Technology, Inc. VTM NASA16-A105 On Demand
Defining Handling Qualities of Unmanned Aerial Systems
TDA Research, Inc. VTM N19B-T032 On Demand
Strength Loss Indicator for Webbing


Hydronalix, Inc VTM N102-182 On Demand

Command, Control, Communications, Computers, & Intelligence (C4I)

4S – Silversword Software and Services, LLC VTM N192-082 On Demand
Mobile Phased Array Antenna using Through the Air Link Optical Component (TALOC) Technology
Colvin Run Networks, Inc. VTM N191-013 On Demand
Phase II: Maritime Agile Intelligent Data Exploitation Network (MAIDEN)
Daniel H. Wagner, Associates, Incorporated VTM N102-154 On Demand
Intelligent Maritime Planning and execution Services (IMPS)

Electronic Warfare (EW)

Pendar Technologies, LLC VTM N181-016 On Demand
Two-Dimensional Surface Emitting Mid-Wave Infrared (MWIR) Quantum Cascade Laser Arrays for High-Power Applications
Tau Technologies LLC VTM N172-118 On Demand
Laser Target and Analysis Board Development

Energy & Power Technologies

Physical Sciences Inc. VTM N18A-T008 On Demand
Additive Manufacturing for Li-Ion Batteries (Phase II)

Ground & Sea Platforms

Technical Data Analysis, Inc. VTM N08-006 On Demand
P-8A IAT Fleet Metrics Functionality for Structural Life Management

Materials & Manufacturing Process

Applied Optimization, Inc. VTM N181-085 On Demand
Feed-Forward Controls for Laser Powder Bed Fusion Based Metal Additive Manufacturing
CFD Research Corporation VTM N19A-T020 On Demand
Data Analytics and Machine Learning Toolkit to Accelerate Materials Design and Processing Development
Creare LLC VTM N182-103 On Demand
Carbon Nanotube Windshield Heater
Hy-Tek Manufacturing Co. Inc. VTM N192-106 On Demand
Rolling Door Seal (RDS)
MRL Materials Resources LLC VTM N162-091 On Demand
Design Tool for Topological Optimization of Air-Platform Structural Components made by Additive Manufacturing
TrueNano, Inc. VTM N18A-T004 On Demand
Hot Filament CVD Technology for disruptive, high throughput SiC epitaxial growth reactors


Innoveering, LLC VTM AF171-020 On Demand
Yttria-stabilized Zirconia Environment Sensing (YES) System for Hypersonic Glide Bodies
Innoveering, LLC VTM N162-105 On Demand
Real Time Gas Turbine Engine Particulate Ingestion Sensor for Particle Size and Composition
Luna Innovations Incorporated VTM N19B-T032 On Demand
Multi-Input Strength Loss Sensors for Webbing Structures
MSI Transducers Corp. VTM N182-136 On Demand
Compact Low Noise Acoustic Sensors for Sonobuoys


Intelligent Fusion Technology, Inc VTM N193-A01 On Demand
(3) Condition-Based Predictive Maintenance for Mission Critical Systems with Probabilistic Knowledge Graph and Deep Learning
Luna Innovations Incorporated VTM N204-A01 On Demand
HD Shape Tether for Autonomous Non-Destructive Inspection Tools
Metis Design Corporation VTM N12A-T007 On Demand
Ultrasonic Measurement Tools and Models for Gearbox Components – Converted to an SBIR – PII Discretionary for Base Effort
Mosaic ATM, Inc. VTM N191-007 On Demand
Data Analytics Tools for the Automated Logistics Environment (ALE)
Sharp Vision Software LLC VTM DHP163-002 On Demand
Development of Visualization Models and AR/VR Software Tools for Model Based Enterprise