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January 27 - 28, 2021


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Virtual Event
Focus on Navy STP SBIR technologies advancing maritime systems and warfighting capabilities in the areas of Autonomy, Cybersecurity, Electronic Warfare, Sensors, Ocean Battlespace Environments, Modeling and Simulation Technology, Sustainment, and Additive Manufacturing
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Our Technologies

Advanced Electronics
BTech Acoustics LLC VTM Link N161-027
Shallow Water Communications for Mine Warfare
Charles River Analytics Inc. VTM Link N181-044
Turbulence Mitigation, Error Reduction, and Increased Contrast (TURMERIC)
Galley Power LLC VTM Link N181-048
Ultra-Low Ripple 1000 Volt Direct Current Battery Charger
Physical Sciences Inc  VTM Link N181-022
High Speed VNIR/SWIR HSI for Airborne Minefield Detection
Prometheus Inc VTM Link N093-198
Sonar Detection/Classification Based on Material Identification (MIRK)
Air Platforms
Helicon Chemical Company LLC  VTM Link N141-011
Solid Ramjet Fuel Containing In Situ Aluminum Nanoparticles
Materials Sciences LLC VTM Link N161-017
Efficient On-Craft Composite Repair Process
Materials Sciences LLC VTM Link A16-122
Implementing Metal Plated 3-D Printed Structures
Metis Design Corporation VTM Link N122-125
Guided Wave-Based Bondline Integrity Monitoring
Precision Combustion, Inc VTM Link N181-071
Onboard Filter for removal of Copper contaminants in Jet Fuel
Dynamic Dimension Technologies VTM Link N181-077
Surf Zone Simulation for Autonomous Amphibious Vehicles
Qualtech Systems, Inc  VTM Link N18A-T015
Full Featured Low-Cost Health Management System for Combatant Craft
Spatial Integrated Systems, Inc  VTM Link N141-058
High Sea State Automated Deployment and Retrieval (D&R) of Towed Bodies from an Unmanned Surface Platform
Vadum VTM Link N181-055
Interference Avoidance in Shot Scheduling
Vadum VTM Link N181-046
Cruise Missile Trajectory Prediction
Command, Control, Communications, Computers, & Intelligence (C4I)
Aptima, Inc VTM Link N181-026
Toward a Comprehensive, Multi-Modal, Multi-Sensor View of a Mission
BTech Acoustics LLC VTM Link N141-026
Innovative Velocity Sensor
First RF Corporation VTM Link N181-007
Robust Communications Relay with Distributed Airborne Reliable Wide-Area Interoperable Network (DARWIN) for Manned-Unmanned Teaming in a Spectrum Denied Environment
Fortiphyd Logic Inc VTM Link N181-035
Securing Navy Industrial Control Systems
G2 Ops, Inc VTM Link N181-051
Strategic Optics for Intelligent Analytics (SOFIA)
A Model-Based Cyber Risk Management Suite
Opto-Knowledge Systems, Inc VTM Link  N17A-T016
Improved Infrared Imaging with Variable Resolution Achieved via Post-Processing
Tri-Guard Risk Solutions LTD VTM Link DOE16-030
Software Assurance Compliance verification and Risk Evaluation
Electronic Warfare (EW)
Helios Remote Sensing Systems, Inc VTM Link N171-044
Cognitive Software Algorithms Techniques for Electronic Warfare
Energy & Power Technologies
AVX Aircraft Company VTM Link N181-072
Lightweight Gearbox for Air Cushion Vehicles
METSS Corporation VTM Link N181-034
Cut-Resistant Vibration Isolation Module
Physical Sciences Inc  VTM Link N152-093
Safe, High Performance  Lithium Metal Battery for Navy Applications
TDA Research, Inc VTM Link N162-107
Advanced Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Electrocatalysts for Submarine Oxygen Generators
Engineered Resilient Systems (ERS)
Magee Technologies, LLC VTM Link N171-059
Evaluating Complex Submarine Hull Structural Modeling for Efficient Approval
Ground and Sea Platforms
Boston Engineering Corporation VTM Link NOAA141-842W
Multi-Profile, UXV-Deployed, Free Floating Sensors for Determination of Sound Velocity Profile
Creare LLC VTM Link N141-068
Cryogenic Cooling for Superconducting Minesweepers
Mainstream Engineering Corporation VTM Link N141-024
Shipboard Grey Water Processing System
Nikira Labs Inc VTM Link N181-049
Open-path, Mid-Infrared iCRDS Analyzer for the Accurate Measurement of Reactive and Adsorbing VOCs
Makai Ocean Engineering, Inc VTM Link N171-055
Makai’s SASS System for Horizontal Tow Cable Control
Makai Ocean Engineering, Inc VTM Link N181-036
Makai’s SVACS System for Subsea Vertical Cable Control 
Weapons Technologies
Physical Sciences Inc  VTM Link N151-062
Electrically-Assisted, High Performance Extinguishable Solid Propellant for Advanced Thrust Control Motors


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