National Harbor, MD

April 2-4, 2022


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Advanced Electronics

Vision Engineering Solutions, LLC VTM AF191-D001 On Demand
Low Cost Laser Communication Ground Terminal Network

Air Platforms

Barron Associates, Inc. VTM N181-017 On Demand
Onboard Turbulence Recognition System for Improved UAS Operator Situational Awareness
Hydronalix, Inc VTM N201-X01 On Demand
3D Printed Manufacturing Robots for disaster response
Northwest UAV VTM N10A-T001 On Demand
Fuel Cell UAV Powerplant System Development
Oceanit Laboratories, Inc. VTM N16A-T008 On Demand
Novel Separator Materials for Achieving High Energy/Power Density, Safe, Long-Lasting Lithium-ion Batteries for Navy Aircraft Applications.
OptiNav, Inc. VTM N102-128 On Demand
Predictions of the Acoustic Nearfield on a Carrier Deck
Texas High Energy Materials, LLC VTM N151-008 On Demand
Innovative, Low Cost, Highly Durable Fuel Bladder for Naval Applications


Dynamic Dimension Technologies VTM N181-077 On Demand
Surf Zone Simulation for Autonomous Amphibious Vehicles
GMATEK, Inc. VTM N193-A02 On Demand
Multisensor Fusion and Analytics for Detection of Sensor Degradation
Service Robotics & Technologies, Inc. VTM N201-X02 On Demand
Adapting SR&T’s M1 Hardware Portal for Navy Facility Health Monitoring and Prioritization
Trident Systems Incorporated VTM N193-A02 On Demand
Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) and Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV) Autonomous Behavior Development

Battlespace Environments

Applied Ocean Sciences VTM N19A-T022 On Demand
Local Stochastic Prediction for UUV/USV Environmental Awareness

Biomedical (ASBREM)

Physical Sciences Inc. VTM N142-089 On Demand
Folding High-G Resistant Patient Litter Follow-On
Technology Holding, LLC VTM N182-096 On Demand
Portable Ruggedized Energy Efficient Medical Sterilizer for Field Use
Vivonics, Inc. VTM N171-002 On Demand
Phase II: Intranasal Cooling for Encephalopathy Prevention in Combat Casualties (ICEPICC)

Command, Control, Communications, Computers, & Intelligence (C4I)

ARiA VTM N19B-T035 On Demand
Universal Sensor Application Programming Interface (API) for Undersea Data
ASSETT, Incorporated VTM N093-192 On Demand
Real-time Decision Aid for Enhancing Ships Self-defense
Clear Science, Inc VTM N142-121 On Demand
The Advanced Climate Analysis and Forecasting System – Decision Support System
Knexus Research Corp. VTM N181-079 On Demand
Continuous Interactive Learners for Mission Planning (CILEMP)
Mosaic ATM, Inc. VTM N191-032 On Demand
Artificial Intelligence Real-Time Track Modeling and Simulation for Combat Systems
R-DEX Systems, Inc. VTM N193-A01 On Demand
Validation of Artificial Intelligence Technologies (VAIT)
Stottler Henke Associates, Inc. VTM N193-A01 On Demand
Business Operations Streamlining System (BOSS)
TeamWorx Security, LLC VTM N193-A01 On Demand
Improving Acquisition Processes through Machine Learning and Automation
Vulcan Wireless Inc. VTM N181-003 On Demand
USMC Ground Radio LPI/LPD Interference Mitigation Active Communication Antenna
Vy Corporation VTM N193-A02 On Demand
N193-A02 Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) and Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV) Autonomous Behavior Development


P&J Robinson Corporation VTM N18A-T018 On Demand
Protocol Feature Identification and Removal
Secmation, LLC VTM N191-037 On Demand
SecMUAS – Secure Modular Unmanned Aerial Systems

Electronic Warfare (EW)

Great Lakes Sound & Vibration, Inc. VTM N191-023 On Demand
Efficient 3-inch Acoustic Device Countermeasure (ADC) Depth Control System Technology

Engineered Resillent Systems (ERS)

Premier Solutions Hi, LLC VTM N182-122 On Demand
Fleet Material Locator Information System (FMLIS)

Ground and Sea Platforms

Materials Sciences LLC VTM N192-115 On Demand
Durable Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Screens for Air Cushion Vehicles – MSC P4579
Progeny Systems Corporation VTM N171-071 On Demand
Plug-and-play Analytical Framework for Distributed Structured and Unstructured Data Sets for Condition Based Maintenance Plus (CBM+)

Human Systems

D’Angelo Technologies, LLC VTM N18A-T014 On Demand
Advanced Ship-handling Simulators
Intelligent Automation, Inc. VTM N193-A03-2 On Demand
Training-Assessment-Feedback Loop to Empower the Information Warfighter
Li Creative Technologies, Inc. (LCT) VTM N182-133 On Demand
Advanced Battlefield Communications System in Operations and Training

Materials & Manufacturing Processes

(ES3) Engineering & Software System Solution, Inc. VTM N201-X02 On Demand
HighRI Optics, Inc. VTM N171-045 On Demand
Hydrophobic and wide-angle anti-reflecting nanostructured coatings on hemispherical domes and windows; including high-refractive index surfaces
Intelligent Automation, Inc. VTM N18A-T013 On Demand
Rapid Identification of Effects of Defects within Metal Additive Manufacturing (RIED-AM)
Metis Design Corporation VTM N19A-T003 On Demand
Interlaminar Reinforcement of Composites via Tailored CNT Nanomorphologies
Mira Labs VTM AF191-005 On Demand
Augmented/Virtual Reality Data Architecture Methodology and Reference Platform
Pacific Engineering, Inc VTM N192-108 On Demand
Composite Structures for Missile Systems
Product Innovation and Engineering, LLC VTM N18A-T005 On Demand
Innovative Processing Techniques for Additive Manufacture of 7000 Series Aluminum Alloy Components
SciGenesis, LLC VTM N181-004 On Demand
Application of a Low-Cost, Flame-Resistant Treatment to the Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform that Provides Durable, Flame-Resistant Properties
Texas Research Institute Austin, Inc. VTM N19A-T011 On Demand
Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Deployed Underwater Attachment
Hybrid Ceramic Matrix Composite/Polymer Matrix Composite (CMC-PMC) Skin Materials

Modeling & Simulation Technology

Marine Acoustics, Inc. VTM N192-117 On Demand
Undersea Acoustic Risk Analysis Decision Aid for Theater Anti-Submarine Warfare (TASW) Mission Planning


Physical Sciences Inc. VTM AF08-T008 On Demand
Shallow Water and Surf Zone Minehunting (MAD SWARM)
Skyward, Ltd. VTM N193-A01 On Demand
Integration of Automatic Dependent Surveillance
Technology Service Corporation VTM AF141-253 On Demand
LIFTS and ISR for Maritime Operations


Low Power Water Purification System