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Our Small Businesses are excited to tell you about 114 Navy-funded SBIR/STTR projects - showcasing Tomorrow's Technology, Today.

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Participating Small Business Topic Booth SYSCOM/Project Sponsor Project Title
Advanced Ceramic Fibers LLCN141-074133ONR/Code 35Robust 2700 F MC/C Fiber Reinforced Matrices for Turbine Engines
Advanced Rotorcraft Technology, Inc.N15A-T009145NAVAIR/PEO (A)High Fidelity Rotorcraft Towing Modeling and Simulation with Towed Magnetic Anomaly Detection System
Advanced Systems & Technologies, Inc.N142-115120ONR/Code 35High-Performance Deformable Mirror Technology Test and Evaluation Platform
Applied Research in Acoustics LLCN131-045149NAVSEA/PEO IWSMitigation of Biologically Induced Active Sonar Reverberation in Littoral Regions
Applied Thin Films, Inc.N131-056130NAVSEA/PEO IWSCeramic Matrix Composites for Advanced Tactical Missile Radomes
ASR CorporationN14A-T018152ONR/Code 35Compact Megavolt Switch Utilizing Novel Switching Mediums
ASSETT, IncorporatedN121-055160NAVSEA/PEO SUBAffordable Scalable Acoustic Panel Arrays
ASSETT, IncorporatedN04-069160NAVAIR/PEO (U&W)Analytical tool sets with models, metrics, and measurement techniques for System Architecture development.
ATA Engineering, Inc.N142-088125MARCOR/MARCORHigh Efficiency Insulating Barrier for Expeditionary Shelters
ATA Engineering, Inc.N141-082125SSP/SSPNon-Linear Behavior Models for Design of Carbon-Carbon Composite Components
Atmospheric Plasma SolutionsN151-022116NAVAIR/PEO (T)Cost Saving, Chemical & Abrasive Free Coating Removal and Surface Preparation Process
Barron Associates, Inc.N152-084128NAVAIR/PEO (U&W)Test and Certification Techniques for Autonomous Guidance and Navigation Algorithms for Navy Air Vehicle Missions
Beacon Interactive SystemsN07-108117NAVSEA/PEO IWSPrognostics and Health Management (PHM) for Afloat Information Technology (IT) and Network Services
Boston Fusion Corp.N132-131182ONR/Code 31Multi-Level Associative Content Environment (MACE)
Boston Fusion Corp.N141-071182ONR/Code 34Cognitive Adaptation of Management Behavior of Information via Observation (CAMBIO)
Bridger Photonics, Inc.N152-105136NSMA/NSMAMetrology of Visibly Opaque, Infrared-Transparent Aerodynamic Domes, Conformal Windows, and Optical Corrector Elements
Charles River Analytics Inc.N141-025138NAVSEA/PEO IWSSubmarine Imaging Real-time Enhancement (SIREN)
Charles River Analytics Inc.N143-129138SSP/SSPSensor system for Precise Automatic Relative-position Keeping (SPARK)
Charles River Analytics Inc.N122-124138NAVAIR/PEO (U&W)Advanced Mission Planning Tools (AMPT)
Charles River Analytics Inc.N15A-T022138ONR/Code 31Embedded Architecture for Cyber-resilience (EAC)
Chip Scan, Inc.OSD141-IA2156ONR/Code 31Detecting Malicious Circuits in IP-Core using Boolean Functional Analysis
Composites AutomationN151-072171ONR/Code 33Resin Infusible Carbon Fiber Unidirectional Broadgoods for Fatigue Dominated Applications
Composites AutomationN15A-T003171NAVAIR/PEO (A)Novel Multi-scale/Multi-physics Integrated Tool for the Prediction of Manufacturing-Induced Defects in Autoclave Composite Airframe Parts
Creare LLCN151-042122NAVSEA/PEO CarriersA Compact System for Shipboard Pipe Reinforcement
Creare LLCN07-040122NAVAIR/JSFCarbureted Fuel Injection System for Augmentor Stability
Creare LLCA12-080122NAVAIR/PEO (U&W)Compact, Inexpensive, Microchannel Recuperators for Small Gas Turbines
Daniel H. Wagner, Associates, IncorporatedN14A-T016118ONR/Code 34Detection Avoidance System for Submarines (DASS)
Daniel H. Wagner, Associates, IncorporatedN151-033118NAVSEA/PEO IWSState Estimation Tool for Undersea Systems (SETUS)
Daniel H. Wagner, Associates, IncorporatedN151-020118NAVAIR/PEO (U&W)Fusion and Optimization for C2 of Unmanned Systems (FOCUS)
DECISIVE ANALYTICS CorporationOSD11-DR6178ONR/Code 31Discovering Valued Information in a Cloud Environment (DVICE)
DECISIVE ANALYTICS CorporationN102-176178ONR/Code 30RDF Entity and Association Disambiguation (READ) Enhancement
DECISIVE ANALYTICS CorporationN132-128178ONR/Code 30Automated Concept Map Elicitation (ACME)
EnergynTech, Inc.N123-157153NAVSEA/PEO SUBEfficient, Cost-Effective, Low-Emissions Method to Cutting Nuclear Submarine and Aircraft Carrier Hulls
EOSPACE Inc.N131-059185NAVSEA/PEO IWSNovel, Very Wide-Bandwidth Characterization Technique
EOSPACE Inc.N142-100185NAVAIR/JSFRuggedized, Ultra-Compact, High Dynamic Range, Dual-Output Wideband Electro-Optic Modulator
EOSPACE Inc.N151-018185NAVAIR/JSFIntegrated Laser and Modulator
Freedom Photonics LLCN151-018158NAVAIR/JSFIntegrated Laser and Modulator
Fuse Integration, Inc.N121-106123SPAWAR/PMW-150Tactical Troubleshooting Tool (T3)
Fuse Integration, Inc.N151-015123NAVAIR/PEO (T)Minimized Space, Weight and Power Network Architecture Solution
GIRD Systems, Inc.N141-035154NAVSEA/PEO LCSJTRS Compliant Waveform for LCS Unmanned Vehicle Communications
GVD CorporationN093-187147NAVAIR/PEO IWSInnovative Environmental Protection for Airborne Platforms
Helicon Chemical Company LLCN132-105155NAVAIR/PEO (U&W)Temperature-Insensitive Composite Propellants with Tunable Plateau Burning Using In-Situ Energetic Nanoparticles
Hydronalix, Inc.N102-182170NAVAIR/PEO (A)Compact, lightweight Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) with robust navigation and range for riverine reconnaissance
HygraTek LLCN14A-T013165ONR/Code 33Durable Low Adhesion Anti-Icing and Ice-Phobic Surfaces
HYPRES, Inc.N141-064110ONR/Code 31Modular, Multi-Function Digital RF Receiver
Innoveering LLCN152-095129NAVAIR/JSFMicro-Plasma Blade Monitoring Sensor System
Intelligent Automation, Inc.N141-054180NAVSEA/PEO IWSPredictive Condition-Based Maintenance for High-Powered Phased Array Radar Systems
Intelligent Automation, Inc.N141-042180NAVSEA/NAVSEADIRGECKO: Agile and Dexterous Robot for Maintenance of Ship Tanks
Intelligent Automation, Inc.N132-144180SSP/SSPDevelopment of Novel and Emerging Technology for the Enhancement of Fault Diagnostics
Intelligent Optical Systems, Inc.N15A-T008177NAVAIR/PEO (A)In Situ Inspection of Additive Manufactured Metallic Parts Using Laser Ultrasonics
Knite, Inc.N14A-T004108NAVAIR/JSFActive Combustion Control (ACC) of Augmentor Dynamics
La Jolla Logic, Inc.N132-140105SPAWAR/PMW-130Utilization Of Inference Engine Technology For Navy Cyber Situational Awareness
Luna Innovations IncorporatedN14A-T014168ONR/Code 35Durable Sol-Gel Surface Treatment to Control Cathodic Current Density
Lynntech, Inc.N152-093135NAVAIR/PEO (T)Advanced Cathode for High Energy Li-Air Batteries
M4 Engineering, Inc.N12A-T004114NAVAIR/PEO (U&W)Bonded Joint Analysis Method
Mainstream Engineering CorporationN151-065144ONR/Code 33Extreme Temperature, Low Loss Custom Power Switch
Marine Acoustics, Inc.N151-055102NAVSEA/PEO IWSMulti-ship Sonar Bistatic Automatic Active Localization
Materials Sciences CorporationN112-142163NAVSEA/PEO SHIPAdvanced Structural Development for Naval Hovercraft Ramps
MaxPower, Inc.N092-110126NAVAIR/PEO (A)Safe, High-Power Battery for Sonobuoys
Mayachitra, Inc.N151-067132ONR/Code 31Orthogonal Approach to Malware Detection and Classification
MetamagneticsN111-080161ONR/Code 35Frequency Selective Limiters for Counter Directed Energy and Electronic Warfare Protection
Metis Design CorporationN10A-T042157NAVAIR/PEO (A)Probability of Detection (PoD) Toolbox for Guided Wave based Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)
METSS CorporationN151-037175NAVSEA/PEO SUBFat Line Tow Cable
Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock DivisionNSWC-2181NAVSEA/NSWC CarderockMagnetic Field Sensor for Large Areas
Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock DivisionNSWC-3181NAVSEA/NSWC CarderockSurface Enhancement and Compaction Using Low Cost, in-situ Pressure Pulse
Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division NewportNUWC-1181NAVSEA/NUWC NewportAutonomous Magnetic Measurement System
Naval Undersea Warfare Center DIvision NewportNUWC-2181NAVSEA/NUWC NewportMicrostrip Patch Antenna
Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division NewportNUWC-3181NAVSEA/NUWC NewportOptical Surface Analysis
Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division NewportNUWC-4181NAVSEA/NUWC NewportPoint Load Sensor
NAVSYS CorporationAF141-253111NAVAIRSystem-Of-Systems Open Architecture PNT (SOAP) Solution for Assured PNT in a GPS Denied Environment
Nokomis, Inc.N142-084142MARCOR/MARCORDetection of Permethrin in Military Uniforms via Microwave NDE
NP Photonics, Inc.N092-119113NAVSEA/NAVSEADIRBroadband High Power Mid-IR Supercontinuum Source
Numerica CorporationN141-036103NAVSEA/PEO IWSSurface Composite Tracker Component
Numerica CorporationN122-121103NAVAIR/JSFCompany Capability Briefing
Ocean Power Technologies, Inc.N121-096159ONR/Code 32Persistent Easy-to-Deploy Stationkeeping Sonar Powerbuoy
OptiPro Systems LLCN132-122143NSMA/NSMAHigh Precision Conformal Sensor Window
OptiPro Systems LLCN132-124143NSMA/NSMACorrective Optics Manufacturing for Aerodynamic Infrared Domes and Conformal Sensor Windows
OptiPro Systems LLCN132-121143NSMA/NSMAAerodynamic Dome Manufacturing Cost Reduction
OptiPro Systems LLCN152-105143NSMA/NSMAMetrology of Visibly Opaque, Infrared-Transparent Aerodynamic Domes, Conformal Windows, and Optical Corrector Elements
Out of the Fog Research LLCN08-083131ONR/Code 31Fast Tuning, Analog Notch Filters Subsequent
Perceptronics Solutions, Inc.N151-069184ONR/Code 30Medical Informatics Decision Assistance and Support (MIDAS)
Physical Sciences, Inc.N132-105169NAVAIR/PEO (U&W)Advanced Composite Propellant Replacement for High Performance Plateau Burning Double Base
Prime Photonics, LCN093-183107NAVAIR/PEO (T)Innovative Foreign Object Damage (FOD) Detection and Identification Technology for Military Turbine Engines
Propel LLCN122-134172NAVSUP/NCTRFSeam Engineering: Stitchless Seam Technology
Qualtech Systems, Inc.N141-030137NAVSEA/PEO LCSSense and Respond Technology Enabling Condition Based Maintenance (CBM)
Quantum Semiconductor LLCNM12-158173ONR/Code 32Development of CMOS-based APD Arrays with Si-Ge-C Materials
Radiation Detection Technologies, Inc.N15A-T023162ONR/Code 35Advanced Silicon Diode Switch for HPRF Systems
Real-Time InnovationsN092-121139NAVSEA/PEO IWSMinimally Intrusive Real-time Software Instrumentation Technologies
Real-Time InnovationsN111-054139NAVSEA/PEO IWSCloud-Based Real-time Data Dissemination and Scalable Storage for Track Management
Redondo Optics, Inc.N151-006166NAVAIR/PEO (A)Low Power, Low Cost, Lightweight, Multichannel Optical Fiber Interrogation Unit for Structural Health Management of Rotor Blades
RMCI, Inc.N142-098179NAVAIR/1Universal Decoder for Airborne Generated Data
SA Photonics, Inc.N121-036151NAVAIR/PEO (U&W)ADVANCED PROCESSING ELECTRONIC ATTACK (EA) Digital Radio Frequency Memory (DRFM)
SA Photonics, Inc.N15A-T014151ONR/Code 31Aircraft Carrier-based Precision Ship-Relative Navigation Guidance for Aircraft Landing under Emissions Control Conditions
Scalable Network Technologies, Inc.A04-132112ONRScalable Analysis Environment for Underwater Communication Networks
Scalable Network Technologies, Inc.N08-225112SPAWAR/JPEO JTRSWaveform Model Enhancements for Parametric Traffic Generation
SciMax TechnologiesN142-103146NAVAIR/PEO (A)Innovative, Lightweight, Durable composite CH-53K Cargo Floor
SciTec, Inc.N132-090134NAVAIR/JSFAtmospheric Infra-red Transmittance Calculator (AIRTraC)
SeaLandAire Technologies, Inc.N101-014141NAVAIR/PEO (A)High Gain Array of Velocity Sensors
Sensing Strategies, Inc.AF05-313186ONR/Code 35High Energy Laser Locator System
Sonalysts, Inc.N151-021109NAVAIR/PEO (T)Advanced Modeling and Visualization of Effects for Future Electronic Warfare Systems
Space Information Laboratories LLCN15A-T001121NAVAIR/PEO (T)Reliable, Safe, Lithium-ion Battery Enabled by a Robust Battery Management System
Summit Test SolutionsN101-029164NAVAIR/1Automated Generation of Advanced Test Diagrams to Reduce Test Program Set Life-Cycle Costs
Syncopated Engineering, Inc.N151-064140ONR/Code 30Cognitive Radio Architectures for Cyberspace Operations
Systems & Technology ResearchN151-011176NAVAIR/PEO (A)Compact Deep Vector Sensor Array
TDA Research, Inc.N142-087119MARCOR/MARCORExpeditionary Portable Oxygen Generation System
TDA Research, Inc.N152-093119NAVAIR/PEO (T)Innovative, High-Energy, High Power, Light-Weight Battery Storage Systems Based on Li-air, Li-sulfur (Li-S) chemistries
Technology Service CorporationAF141-253148NAVAIRDisruptive Military Navigation Architectures
Texas Research Institute Austin, Inc.N131-034183NAVSEA/PEO SUBImproved Anti-Corrosion Coatings for Undersea Cable Connectors
Toyon Research CorporationN14A-T009187NAVAIR/PEO (A)Demonstration of a Local Carrier-Based Precision Approach and Landing System (LC-PALS)
Trident Systems IncorporatedN00-062127NAVSEA/PEO IWSForce Level Automated Certification of Downward Compatible Baseline Software
U.S. Naval Research LaboratoryNRL-1181ONR/NRLHigh Performance Single-Component (1K) Polysiloxane Topside Coatings
U.S. Naval Research LaboratoryNRL-2181ONR/NRLThree-Dimensional Zinc Electrode Architectures for High-Performance Batteries
U.S. Naval Research LaboratoryNRL-3181ONR/NRLBoron Carbide and Boron Nitride Shaped Ceramics from a Polymer Precursor
U.S. Naval Research LaboratoryNRL-4181ONR/NRLBlack Ghost
Vigilant Cyber Systems, Inc.N141-078124ONR/Code 30Develop a Methodology for Cyber-Electronic Warfare Battle Damage Assessment (BDA) using Game Theory
Visual Performance LLCN142-104104NAVAIR/JSFEffective Measures of Training Display System Performance
White River TechnologiesN08-218167NAVSEA/NAVSEADIRCompact, Lightweight Magnetic Sensor for Small Unmanned Undersea Vehicles (UUV)
White River TechnologiesN15A-T004167NAVAIR/PEO (A)In-Air E-field Sensor for Airborne Applications
Yankee Environmental Systems, Inc.N08-195106ONR/ONRNext-Generation Marine Atmosphere Observing Instrumentation
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