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Our 100+ Small Businesses are excited to explain to you how they are Delivering Innovation to the Department of the Navy.

Explore these Small Businesses and their technologies in the Virtual Transition Marketplace.

Participating Small Business Topic Booth SYSCOM/Project Sponsor Project Title
Adaptive Methods, Inc.N131-04414NAVSEA/PEO LCSMission Planning Application for Submarine Operations and Risk Management
Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc.N142-11655ONR/Code 33Affordable, Scalable, Ocean Energy Harvesting System
Advanced Materials and DevicesN132-14323SSP/SSPControllable and Adaptable Lateral Support System
Agiltron CorporationN14A-T00349NAVAIR/PEO (U&W)Light-Weight Solar Cells with High Specific Power and Conversion Efficiency
Alpha STARN13A-T00875NAVAIR/PEO (T)Interlaminar Mode I and Mode II Fracture Toughnesses in Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMCs)
American SuperconductorN132-1278ONR/Code 33Compact, Lossless, Ruggedized, Electromagnetically Shielded Connectors for Power and Signals
Analysis, Design & Diagnostics, Inc.N141-07046ONR/Code 32In-node Processing for Low Power Target Detection, Classification, Localization, & Tracking
Anchor Technology, Inc.N132-10895NAVSEA/NAVSEAAutomated Method for Developing Concept Level Fluid Distribution Systems
API Engineering, LLCN101-0811ONR/Code 33Thermal/Mechanical Aqueous Chlorate Solution Oxygen Generator
Applied Research in Acoustics, LLCN141-02847NAVSEA/PEO IWSEnvironment for Surface ASW Interactive Learning (E-SAIL)
Applied Signals IntelligenceN142-11493ONR/Code 32Spectrum Monitoring Payload for ScanEagle Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Applied Technical Systems, Inc.N141-03762NAVSEA/PEO IWSScoring Analysis via Data Integration and Information Extraction (SADIIE)
Area I, Inc.N141-01416NAVAIR/PEO (A)Low Magnetic Signature Expendable Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW)
ASSETT, Inc.N141-02240NAVSEA/PEO IWSNet-Centric Collaborative Environment for Littoral Combat Ship (LCS)
ATA Engineering, Inc.N141-0324NAVSEA/PEO SUBSimulation of Mechanical System Kinematic Operation Subsequent to High Intensity Loading
Atrex Energy, Inc.N131-0673ONR/Code 33High Efficiency Solid Oxide Fuel Cells for Expeditionary Power
AVID, LLCAF083-09721NAVAIR/PEO (U&W), PMA-263Aerodynamic Control of Micro Air Weapons
Bascom Hunter TechnologiesN112-17057SPAWAR/PEO SPACEWideband Radio Local Interference Optimization Techniques
Bettergy Corp.N142-11029NAVAIR/PEO (A)A Solid State Bipolar Battery for High Power Sonobuoy Applications
BlazeTech Corp.N132-0859MARCOR/PEO LSAqueous Based Automatic Fire Extinguishing System
BlazeTech Corp.N10A-T0119NAVAIR/NAVAIRPrediction of the Full-Scale Cook-off Response Based on Small-Scale Testing
Boston Engineering CorporationN08-T03063ONR/ONRGhostSwimmer: Tactically Relevant, Biomimetically Inspired, Silent, Highly Efficient and Maneuverable Autonomous Fish Robot
Candent Technologies IncorporatedN132-08615MARCOR/JNLWHigh Power Density, High Efficiency Advanced Generator for DEW Systems
CeraNova CorporationN102-16324NSMA/NSMAHigh Strength, Optical Quality Spinel
CFD Research CorporationN132-08490MARCOR/JNLWAn Integrated Human Test Surrogate to Assess Injury Risk and Measure Non-Lethal Exposure
Charles River Analytics, Inc.N131-06331ONR/Code 30Crowdsourcing using Intelligent Supervision to address Information Requirements in Crisis Situations (CRISIS)
Charles River Analytics, Inc.N141-01931NAVAIR/PEO (U&W)Intuitive User Interfaces for Task-Tailored Planning (INTUIT)
Charles River Analytics, Inc.N142-12131ONR/Code 32Climatological Observations for Maritime Prediction and Analysis Support Service (COMPASS)
ColdQuantaN13A-T01891ONR/Code 31Compact robust testbed for cold-atom clock and sensor applications
Creare, LLCN14A-T00681NAVAIR/PEO (U&W), 1.0, PEO (A), PEO (T)A Multi-Tiered Lithium-Ion Battery Thermal Fault Mitigation Architecture
Cybernet Systems CorporationN141-05097NAVSEA/PEO IWSIntelligent Information Algorithm for Electronic and Computer Network Systems
Daico Industries, Inc.N131-04969NAVSEA/PEO IWSHigh Power Solid State Amplifiers
Daniel H. Wagner, Associates, IncorporatedOSD06-UM183ONR/ONRDetailed ASV/USV Modeling and Simulation System (DAMS)
Daniel H. Wagner, Associates, IncorporatedN141-03983NAVSEA/PEO IWSAutomated Active Sonar Interference Avoidance Algorithms (ASIA)
Eagle Harbor Technologies, Inc.N132-12920ONR/Code 35A Variable Pulse Width, Voltage, and Repetition Frequency IGBT-based High Power Radio Frequency Source Driver
EIC Laboratories, Inc.N14A-T00687NAVAIR/PEO (U&W), 1.0, PEO (A), PEO (T)Development of a Safer Lithium-ion (Li-ion) Battery for Naval Aircraft Applications Through Thermal Management Design
Electric Drivetrain Technologies, LLCN13A-T02886ONR/Code 33Hybrid, Ultra-High-Speed, High Efficiency, Power Dense, Electronically Controlled Energy Conversion Unit for Ship Systems, Unmanned Vehicles, and Robotics Applications
Electro-Mechanical AssociatesN133-14870MARCOR/PEO LSAdaptive Diesel Engine Control Via Variable Valve Timing
EM Photonics, IncorporatedN101-03017NAVAIR/JSFLossless Non-Blocking Single-Mode Fiber Optic Wavelength Router
Engineering & Software System Solutions (ES3), Inc.AF071-32026NAVAIR/AIR-6.0 L&IODevelopment of Cad Plating Replacement with Zinc Nickel on High Strength Steel Components
enomaliesN132-13053ONR/Code 30Rapid Synthetic Environment Tool for Virtual Battlespace 2 (VBS2)
EpiSys Science, Inc.N141-06542ONR/Code 31High-Speed Reconfigurable SIGINT (HiReS) System for Large Time Bandwidth Product
FIRST RF CorporationN131-00788NAVAIR/NAVAIRHigh Gain Common Data Link (CDL) Antennas for Networking UAV Nodes
FIRST RF CorporationN142-10188NAVAIR/AIR-4.0T CTOAtmospheric Ice Detection and Avoidance System for Fixed and Rotary Wing Aircraft
Freedom Photonics, LLCN141-01380NAVAIR/JSFRuggedized Wideband High-Power Balanced Photodiode Receiver
GameSim, Inc.N141-00638NAVAIR/NAVAIRDistributed Synthetic Environment Correlation Assessment Architecture and Metrics
GIRD Systems, Inc.N121-09767ONR/Code 30Improved High Frequency Communications
Global Technology Connection, Inc.N141-07356ONR/Code 33Multi-Stage, Multi-Phase, High Efficiency, Intelligent, Electrical Energy Conversion Unit for Navy and USMC
Hydronalix, Inc.N102-1822NAVAIR/NAVAIR, ONR, SPAWARAUV for Sustained Riverine and Littoral Assessments
Imaging Systems TechnologyN13A-T01228ONR/Code 33Mechanical Property Characterization and Modeling for Structural Mo-Si-B Alloys for High Temperature Applications
Innovative Dynamics, Inc.N142-10160NAVAIR/AIR-4.0T CTOAtmospheric Icing Conditions Measurement System (AIMS) for UAV’s
Intelligent Automation, Inc.N14A-T00561NAVAIR/AIR-4.0COupled Multi-physics ANalysis and Design Optimization of nozzles (COMANDO)
International Electronic MachinesN141-02335NAVSEA/PEO SUBWireless Hydraulic Actuator Monitor (WHAM) Phase II
Jove Sciences, Inc.N132-13536ONR/Code 30AquaQuIPS Multi-INT Data Fusion in a Cloud
Jove Sciences, Inc.N101-10136SPAWAR/SPAWARMission Intelligence Sensor Management and Data Fusion Automation & Collaboration Tool (MISMADFACT) for Dense Target Environments
Karagozian and Case, Inc.N121-06677NAVSEA/PEO SHIPTransparent Armored Windows for Ships
Knowledge Based Systems, Inc.N112-15271ONR/Code 31Information DiscovEry Assistant that Learns (IDEAL)
Materials Research & DesignN13A-T008100NAVAIR/PEO (T)Innovative Interlaminar Mode I and Mode II Fracture Toughness Test Methods for Ceramic Matrix Composites
Materials Research & DesignN142-119100ONR/Code 35Ultra Sharp Fiber Architectures for Ceramic Composites
MATSYS, Inc.N141-07278ONR/Code 35Processing of Metal Powders for Enhanced Combustion Efficiencies
MaxPower, Inc.N142-09266NAVAIR/PEO (U&W)High Power Battery for Long-Range Air-to-Surface Missile
Mayachitra, Inc.N14A-T00832NAVAIR/PEO (U&W), PEO (A)Object Cueing Using Biomimetic Approaches to Visual Information Processing
Mechanical Solutions, Inc.N141-00710NAVAIR/PEO (U&W)Automated Warhead Characterization System (AWCS)
Metamagnetics, Inc.N141-06068ONR/Code 35Flexible Solid State High Power Radio Frequency Pulsed Source
NanoSonic, Inc.N141-0525NAVSEA/PEO CarriersLow-cost, Easily Applied VOC-free HybridSil® CRES Pipe Leak Repairing Resins
Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock DivisionNSWC-1104NAVSEA/NSWC Carderockindustrial Human Augmentation Telemetry (iHAT) Device
Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock DivisionNSWC-3104NAVSEA/NSWC CarderockSurface Enhancement and Compaction Using Low Cost, in-situ Pressure Pulse
Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock DivisionNSWC-2104NAVSEA/NSWC CarderockMagnetic Field Sensor for Large Areas
Naval Undersea Warfare Center NewportNUWC-1104NAVSEA/NUWC NewportAutonomous Magnetic Measurement System
Naval Undersea Warfare Center NewportNUWC-2104NAVSEA/NUWC NewportMicrostrip Patch Antenna
Naval Undersea Warfare Center NewportNUWC-3104NAVSEA/NUWC NewportOptical Surface Analysis
Naval Undersea Warfare Center NewportNUWC-4104NAVSEA/NUWC NewportPoint Load Sensor
Nuvotronics, Inc.N141-03427NAVSEA/PEO IWSMonolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (MMIC) Compatible Phase Shifters for Phased-Array Radars
Optimal Solutions Software, LLCN13A-T00241NAVAIR/JSFModeling of Integrally Bladed Rotor (IBR) Blends
Orbits Lightwave, Inc.N141-00533NAVAIR/JSF, PEO (T)Ruggedized Narrow-Linewidth 1550nm Laser
Pacific Antenna SystemsN141-01582NAVAIR/PEO (U&W), PEO (A)SBIR Phase II - Flightworthy Prototype (FWP) Low Profile Antenna for Multi-Band (Ka SATCOM, X Band option) including Ku band Tactical Common Data Link (TCDL)
Paragon Space Development CorporationCBD02-20154NAVSEA/NAVSEADIRParagon Dive System (PDS)
PhaseSpace, Inc.N09-T02148ONR/ONRSelf-Contained Performance Monitoring System
Physical Optics CorporationN122-13139NAVSEA/PEO SHIPAutomated Non-Destructive Foam Sense and Control Unit
Physical Optics CorporationN132-11739NAVSEA/PEO LCSAdaptive Disturbance Mitigation System
Physical Sciences, Inc.N131-04630NAVSEA/NAVSEADIRCompact LIDAR for Continuous Monitoring of Atmospheric Extinction
Piasecki Aircraft CorporationN142-10385NAVAIR/PEO (A)Innovative CH-53K Cargo Floor System
Poseidon Systems, LLCN133-14979MARCOR/PEO LSDynamic Vehicle Center-of-Gravity and Gross Weight Estimation Using Readily Available Sensors
Prime Photonics, LCAF141-20573NAVAIR/JSFNon-Destructive Inspection (NDI) technique for Sub-Surface Crack Characterization for Non-Ferrous Metals in Propulsion System Components
PROMET International, Inc. / Promet OpticsN092-11819NAVAIR/JSFFiber Optic Connector Inspection Test Set
QuesTek Innovations, LLCN141-06245ONR/Code 35Computational Design of Aluminum Alloys for Use in Additive Manufacturing
QuSpinN141-00465NAVAIR/PEO (A)A Fully Integrated Compact Scalar Atomic Magnetometer
RadiaBeam Technologies, LLCN132-08789MARCOR/JNLWCompact Radar Antenna
Reaction Engineering InternationalN10A-T00243NAVAIR/AIR-4.7, PEO (U&W)A Multiscale Modeling and Simulation Framework for Predicting After-Burning Effects from Non-Ideal Explosives
Real-Time InnovationsN141-04622NAVSEA/PEO LCSDDS Enabled Mission Data Recording and Reconstruction for Surface Combatants
Rite-SolutionsN101-04798NAVSEA/PEO SUBIntegrated Communications System-Next
Robotic Research, LLCN131-05464NAVSEA/PEO LCSLoading for Naval Resupply for Deployment (LNRD)
Rock West Composites, Inc.N101-03412NAVAIR/PEO (U&W)Affordable Broadband Radome
San Diego Composites, Inc.N142-0976NAVAIR/PEO (A)Composite Pallet Rapid Restraint System for TBFDS
SeaLandAire Technologies, Inc.N142-11711ONR/Code 32Components for a Deep Drifting Sonobuoy
Securboration, Inc.N14A-T02437ONR/Code 30Information and Decision Recommender
SI2 Technologies, Inc.N121-1047SPAWAR/PMW-120Ultra Wideband Electronically Steered Multi-Beam Array (II.5 -1000-314)
Signal Processing, Inc.N111-02292NAVAIR/PEO (U&W)Intelligent Proxies for Automated Mission Planning
SimVentions, Inc.N141-05513NAVSEA/PEO IWSAutomated Function Point Analysis
Sonalysts, Inc.N131-07899SPAWAR/Code 34Next Generation Electronic Support Measures Trainer for Submarines
Spectral Sciences, Inc.N13A-T01172ONR/Code 35A Rapid Optical Approach to Quantitative Composite Bond Quality Assessment
Systems & Technology ResearchN142-12250ONR/Code 31Opportunistic Real-Time multimodal Sensor Content Exploitation
Systems Technology, Inc.N132-13359ONR/Code 35Advanced Helo Display for Zero-Zero Shipboard Landings
TeraDiode, Inc. / Forward PhotonicsN142-09351NAVAIR/PEO (T)High-Power Mid-Infrared Quantum Cascade Laser Array with Continuous-Wave Output Power Exceeding 100W
Tetramer Technologies, LLCN132-13734ONR/Code 30Low-loss Optical Polymer Materials in Multi-kilogram Quantities for Optical Lens Development
Texas Research Institute Austin, Inc.N141-05644NAVSEA/PEO SUBWaterproof Towed Array Hosewall
Thermal Wave Imaging, Inc.N092-09758NAVAIR/AIR-6.0 L&IOAutomated, Rapid Non-Destructive Inspection (NDI) of Large Scale Composite Structures
Transparent Armor SolutionsN131-07325ONR/Code 30Lightweight GeminiTM Transparent Armor for Land Vehicle Applications
Triton Systems, Inc.N131-01676NAVAIR/PEO (A)Life improvement of Plain Airframe Bearings by Preventing Contamination
U.S. Naval Research LaboratoryNRL-1104ONR/ONRCT-AnalystTM: Instantaneous Plume Prediction Tool
U.S. Naval Research LaboratoryNRL-3104ONR/ONRPurification of Coal Ash or Mineral Ores Using Ionic Liquids
U.S. Naval Research LaboratoryNRL-4104ONR/ONRThree-Dimensional Zinc Electrode Architectures for High-Performance Batteries
U.S. Naval Research LaboratoryNRL-2104ONR/ONREvaluating Protective Head Gear with Live Neuronal Cultures
Upstate ScientificN141-00352NAVAIR/PEO (T)Innovative Signal Processing Techniques for Mitigation of Wind Turbine Farm Interference in Airborne Radar Systems
Vivonics, Inc.N14A-T01974ONR/Code 30Miniature Integrated Circuits Reporting Overall Status (MICROS)
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