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Participating Small Business Topic Booth SYSCOM/Project Sponsor Project Title
Acellent Technologies, Inc.N122-110405NAVAIR/PEO (A)Fatigue crack detection in rotorcraft structures
Applied Optimization, Inc.N171-0901113ONR/Code 33Understanding Additive Manufacturing Solidification Profile Effects on Material Inhomogenieties, Defects, and Qualification
ARiAN171-0803ONR/Code 32High Fidelity Acoustic Scattering Models for Large Objects
AVID LLCAF083-0973NAVAIR/PEO (U&W)Morphing Actuation System for Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Bioenno Tech, LLCN162-092405NAVAIR/4.0T CTOAll Solid-State Batteries for Navy Applications
Bioenno Tech, LLCN17A-T0118NAVSEA/PEO IWSHigh Density Capacitors for Compact Transmit and Receive Modules
Cardinal Engineering, LLCN151-0455NAVSEA/PEO SUBSubmarine Component Design Tool to Assess Relative Resistance to High Intensity Loading
Charles River Analytics Inc.N171-0521NAVSEA/PEO IWSSystem for Naval Data Aggregation and Planning with Probabilistic Reasoning (SNAPPR)
Charles River Analytics Inc.N171-0611NAVSEA/PEO IWSBlended and Advanced Decision GUI Environment for Reasoning Support (BADGERS)
Colorado Engineering Inc.N171-05111NAVSEA/PEO IWSAdvanced Direct Digital Exciter for Radar (ADDER)
Combustion Science & Engineering, Inc.N17A-T003405NAVAIR/PEO (T)Ignition Modeling for Present and Future Combustors and Augmentors
Continental Controls and Design, Inc.N161-0485NAVSEA/PEO SUBMiniaturized Electric Actuation System
Creare LLCN162-087405NAVAIR/PEO (A)A Novel System for On-Site Structural Restoration Methods for Aircraft Components
Creare LLCN172-120405NAVAIR/PEO (T)Flight Head and Hearing Protection System
Creative Technologies Inc.N171-0356NAVSEA/PEO IWSGamification for Combat System Employment
Directed Vapor Technologies International, Inc.N17B-T031405NAVAIR/NAVAIRMaterials Modeling Tool for Alloy Design to Streamline the Development of High Temperature, High-Entropy Alloys for Advanced Propulsion Systems
E&G Associates, Inc.N171-0601113NAVSEA/NAVSEADIRDevelopment of Explosive Feedstock for Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) 3D Printers
EMAG Technologies, Inc.N172-1191113NAVAIR/PEO (T), 4.0T CTOAdvanced Radio Frequency Link Analysis Tool
FIRST RF CORPORATIONN131-0071113NAVAIR/PEO (U&W)High Gain Common Data Link (CDL) Antennas for Networking UAV Nodes
FoVI 3DN171-04112NAVSEA/PEO IWSGraphics Scene Description and Application Interface for Heterogeneous 3D Display Environments
Freedom Photonics LLCN171-0321113NAVAIR/JSFBuilt-In Test Capability for WDM Avionic Systems
Holochip CorporationN121-0411113NAVAIR/AIR-1.0, AIR-4.6Variable Accommodation Head Mounted Display
InnoSysN152-0861113NAVAIR/PEO (T)Flight Deck Lighting Addressable Smart Control Modules
Intelligent Fiber Optic Systems CorporationN171-032405NAVAIR/JSFIntelligent Fiber-Optic Network with Real Time Built-in Test Performance Monitoring for Prognostics and Diagnostics
ISSAC CorpN16A-T0091113NAVSEA/NAVSEADIRMedium Voltage Direct Current (MVDC) Fault Detection, Localization, and Isolation
Lynntech, Inc.N162-0922NAVAIR/4.0T CTOPractical All Solid-State (PASS) Li-Ion Batteries (LIB)
Lynntech, Inc.N161-0472NAVSEA/PEO SUBEarly Warning Fault Indication System for Li Batteries
Lynntech, Inc.N171-0602NAVSEA/NAVSEADIRDevelopment of energetic feedstock for COTS additive manufacturing
Materials Sciences CorporationN171-0429NAVSEA/PEO SHIPImproved Skirt System for Air Cushion Vehicles
Metamagnetics, Inc.N152-0811113NAVAIR/PEO (T)Synthesis and Realization of Broadband Magnetic Flux Channel Antennas
MetroLaser, Inc.N11A-T0041113NAVAIR/AIR-4.4Three-Component Planar Doppler Velocimetry Measurements in a Full-Scale Aircraft Exhaust
MicroLink DevicesN16A-T006405NAVAIR/PEO (U&W)Novel, High-Efficiency, Light-weight, Flexible Solar Cells as Electrical Power Generation Source
Mosaic Materials, Inc.N161-0401101NAVSEA/PEO SUBAdvanced Materials for Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Capture
NanoSonic, Inc.N171-008405NAVAIR/JSFLightweight, highly breathable HybridSil® drysuit fabrics with instant watertight sealing
P&J Robinson CorporationN171-0831113ONR/Code 31Late-Stage Software Feature Reduction Tool for Security and Performance
Pacific Antenna SystemsN141-015405NAVAIR/PEO (U&W)Long range, High Capacity Backhaul (HCB) Ultra-wideband antennas for Ku and W Band network applications
Pacific Engineering, IncN162-0799MARCOR/MARCORFuel Efficiency Improvements for Amphibious Vehicles
PC Krause and Associates, Inc.N171-0751101NAVSEA/PEO SUBSubmarine Shipboard Power Supply Bridge
Phase Sensitive Innovations, Inc.N171-031405NAVAIR/JSF1 Micron Fiber Optic Receiver for Mil-Aero Environment
Physical Optics CorporationN171-0747NAVSEA/PEO IWSTunable, Rapid, Electronically Controlled X-band (T-REX) Notch Filter
Physics Renaissance LLCN161-009405NAVAIR/PEO (A)Innovative Sensing Fasteners for Aircraft Fatigue Monitoring
Q Peak, Inc.N172-1218NAVAIR/JSFEpoxyless Connectors for Optical Fiber
Quad-M, Inc.N171-030405NAVAIR/PEO (T)Dual Chaff Air Expendable Decoy Device
Quantum Semiconductor LLCNM12-1581113ONR/Code 32Development of High Gain SiGeC CMOS Imaging Arrays for Visible Sensing
QUASAR Federal Systems, Inc.N172-116405NAVAIR/PEO (A)Miniature Oriented Tri-Axial Fluxgate Magnetometer Sensor
Research Associates of SyracuseN171-04411NAVSEA/PEO IWSCognitive Software Algorithms Techniques for Electronic Warfare
SA Photonics, Inc.N07-0361113NAVAIR/PEO (A)Modulated Underwater Laser Imaging System - Discrtetionary PII Effort
Science Systems Solutions, Inc.N172-1081113NAVAIR/4.0T CTOFusion of Radar and Electro-Optical/Infrared (EO/IR) for Ship Classification and Identification
SDI Engineering IncN092-111405NAVAIR/AIR-4.3Development and Validation of an Advanced Simulation Tool for the Evaluation of Aerial Refueling Events
Senvol LLCN16A-T022405ONR/Code 30Using Machine Learning to Reduce Cost and Time to Qualify Additive Manufacturing Processes
Shepra INC.N16A-T007405NAVAIR/PEO (A)Optimized High Performance Stainless Steel Powder for Selective Laser Melting Additive Manufacturing (AM)
SI2 Technologies, Inc.N101-06910NAVWAR/NAVWAR, PEO SUBKa-Band Communications Antenna System for Surface Ships and Submarine Masts
Signal Systems CorporationN171-0056NAVAIR/PEO (A)Deep Learning for Clutter Reduction in Multi-static Coherent Active Sonar Systems
SimVentions, Inc.N162-084405NAVAIR/JSFHardware Open Systems Technologies (HOST) Hardware Integration Tool Set
Soar Technology, Inc.N171-0841113ONR/Code 30DeepAgent
Sonalysts, Inc.N172-1311113ONR/Code 31Resolving organizational inefficiencies through crowdsourcing
Special Aerospace Services, LLCN172-115405NAVAIR/PEO (T)Selective Emission of Light Utilizing Functionally-Graded Energetic Materials
Storagenergy Technologies, Inc.N162-092405NAVAIR/4.0T CTOAll Solid-State Batteries for Navy Applications
Systems Technology, Inc.N162-0981113NAVAIR/PEO (U&W)Aircraft Deck Motion Compensation Design
Tetramer Technologies, LLCN112-125405NAVAIR/AIR-1.0Fiber Optic Refractive Index Matching Material
Texas Research Institute Austin, Inc.N141-04112NAVSEA/PEO SUBAdaptable Standardized Modular Infrastructure for Optimal Space Utilization
The Columbia Group, IncN162-10910NAVSEA/NAVSEADIRMedium Voltage Direct Current (MVDC) Casualty Power
Tier 1 Performance Solutions, LLCN17A-T0171113NAVSEA/PEO IWSTransformation Accelerated through Redesign, Guidance, and Enhanced Training (TARGET)
TRITON SYSTEMS, INC.N171-010405NAVAIR/PEO (A)Additive Manufacturing Technology for Sonobuoy Applications
TRITON SYSTEMS, INC.N171-018405NAVAIR/AIR-1.0, JSFLow Cost In-Flight Bladder Relief
TRITON SYSTEMS, INC.N171-0641101NAVSEA/PEO SUBOil-less Deep Fryer
Tucson Embedded SystemsN162-086405NAVAIR/JSFHardware Open Systems Technologies (HOST) Conformance Tool
UltimaraN17A-T0011113NAVAIR/PEO (A)Electro-Optic Transmissive Scanner
VR Rehab, Inc. (VRR)N171-0091113NAVAIR/PEO (T)Rugged Touchscreen Button with Positive Indication Feedback
White River TechnologiesN17A-T0157NAVSEA/NAVSEADIRDevelopment of Explosive Non-Acoustic Sensing on Remotely Operated Vehicles for Littoral Threat Characterization in Complex Seabed Environments
Wolf Technical Services, Inc.N171-026405NAVAIR/PEO (A), AIR-1.0Aircrew-Mounted Self-Adjusting Tether System