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Participating Small Business Topic Booth SYSCOM/Project Sponsor Project Title
(ES3) Engineering & Software System Solution, Inc.N121-043901NAVAIR/PEO (T)Landing Gear Structural Health Prognostic/Diagnostic System
(ES3) Engineering & Software System Solution, Inc.AF131-190901NAVAIR/FRCDimensional Restoration of Aircraft Components Damaged by Corrosion
A.T.E. Solutions, Inc.N162-106205NAVAIR/AIR-1.0Advanced High Speed Bus Technologies for Units Under Test (UUT), Test and Evaluation
Acellent Technologies, Inc.N162-100905NAVAIR/PEO (A)Integrated Hybrid Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) System
Adaptive Immersion TechnologiesN162-090914NAVAIR/AIR-1.0Sustained Attention Training in Unmanned & Remote Navigation (SATURN)
Altex Technologies CorporationN151-001804MARCOR/PEO LSImproved Softwall Shelter Heating System
Applied Optimization, Inc.N15A-T008402NAVAIR/PEO (A), PMA-276In Situ, Nondestructive Inspection During Additive Manufacturing of Metallic Parts
Applied Optimization, Inc.N161-071402ONR/Code 33Additive Manufacturing Development of Naval Platform Heat Exchangers
ARiAN151-034602NAVSEA/PEO IWSDoppler-Clutter-Mitigation Processing
Bettergy Corp.N161-030508NAVSEA/PEO SUBA Safe High Energy Density Power Source for Undersea Applications
Bevilacqua Research CorporationN151-020910NAVAIR/PEO (U&W)Command and Control of Multiple Unmanned Air Vehicles in Anti-Access Area-Denial or Highly Limited Communication Bandwidth Environment
BlueRISC, Inc.N161-070607ONR/Code 31Retrofitting Code into Embedded Binaries
Bodkin Design & Engineering LLCN151-053600NAVSEA/PEO USCCoastal Battlefield Reconnaissance and Analysis (COBRA) Multi-Spectral Illuminator
Boston Engineering CorporationN161-044304NAVSEA/PEO SUBOHIO Class External Hull Antifouling
Boston Micromachines CorporationA06-T005701SPAWARLarge Aperture Micro-Electro-Mechanical Modulating Retro-Reflector Development
CAMX Power LLCN162-097902NAVAIR/PEO (T)Non-Contact Torque Sensor for Unmodified Composite Shafts and Non-Ferrous Metal Shafts
CeraNova CorporationN152-104405NSMA/NSMAManufacturing Near-Net-Shape Conformal Electro-optic Sensor Window Blanks from Spinel
CFD Research CorporationN161-064305ONR/Code 34Inertial Microfluidics-based Platform for Portable Platelet Apheresis
Charles River Analytics, Inc.N15A-T017200ONR/Code 30Grammars for Graph-based Assessment of Mission Readiness (GGRAMR)
Charles River Analytics, Inc.N091-082200ONR/ONRReplanning and Operator Situation Awareness Tools for Operation of Unmanned Systems in Complex Airspaces and Waterspaces
Charles River Analytics, Inc.N141-019200NAVAIR/PEO (U&W)Intuitive User Interfaces for Task-Tailored Planning (INTUIT)
Charles River Analytics, Inc.N162-131200ONR/Code 31System for Group Learning and Optimization of Collaborative Workflows (GLOW)
Charles River Analytics, Inc.N162-133200ONR/Code 32Smart Weather InstruMentS (SWIMS)
Charles River Analytics, Inc.N161-002200NAVAIR/JSFStealthy RF-based Alternative PNT (STRAP)
Colorado Engineering, Inc.N151-057707NAVSEA/PEO IWSDirect Radio Frequency Sampling (DRFS) (SPS-49)
Continuous Solutions LLCN16A-T012806NAVSEA/NAVSEADIRMedium Voltage Direct Current (MVDC) Grounding System
Continuum Dynamics, Inc.N15A-T002505NAVAIR/PEO (A)Advanced Wake Turbulence Modeling for Naval CFD Applications
Creare LLCN152-097807NAVFAC/NAVFACPlasma Gasification System for Waste-to-Energy Conversion
Daniel H. Wagner, Associates, IncorporatedN151-071203ONR/Code 32Dynamic Minefield Operation (DMO)
Daniel H. Wagner, Associates, IncorporatedN161-015203NAVAIR/PEO (U&W)Collaborative Airborne Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Mission Evaluation and Optimization (CAMEO)
DECISIVE ANALYTICS CorporationAF141-054201SPAWAR/PMW-120Building Open-domain Semantic Search (BOSS)
eM-TECH, Inc.N151-068506ONR/Code 35Ultra-High Temperature Thermoelectrics
Forward Photonics LLCN112-089919NAVAIR/PEO (T)Ultra-High Brightness Mid-Infrared Laser Beam Fiber Combiner for Infrared Counter-Measures Applications
Forward Photonics LLCN152-121919ONR/Code 31Compact Air-cooled Laser Modulate-able Source (CALMS)
Freedom Photonics LLCN152-090917NAVAIR/JSFMulti-Wavelength and Built-in Test Capable Local Area Network Node Packaging
Freedom Photonics LLCN152-085917NAVAIR/JSFRugged, Uncooled Monolithic Analog Optical Transmitter at 1 um
Freedom Photonics LLCN162-082917NAVAIR/PEO (A)Integrated Analog to Feature Converter
Fuse Integration, Inc.N121-106103SPAWAR/PMW-150Technologies/Methods for enabling Transactional Interfaces
GeneSiC Semiconductor, Inc.N161-066811ONR/Code 33Robust SiC MOSFET based Power Modules
GIRD Systems, Inc.N14A-T009922NAVAIR/PEO (A), 1.0, PEO (T), PEO (U&W)Precise Positioning with Local Signal Carrier Phase Measurements and Global Positioning System (GPS) Fusion
Global Engineering Research and TechnologiesN161-010105NAVAIR/PEO (A)Novel Method to Utilize Multi-scale Physics-based Technique for Crack Path Determination in Fiber-reinforced Composites
Great Lakes Sound & Vibration, Inc.N152-101106NAVSEA/PEO SHIPAmphibious Combat Vehicle Ramp Interface Modular Buoyant Kit (MBK) for Joint High Speed Vessel (JHSV) Stern Ramp
Hyperion Technology Group, Inc.N142-086800MARCOR/MARCORAd-Hoc Ground Based Counter-Fire System
HYPRES, Inc.N142-118702ONR/Code 31Wideband RF Digitizer with Integrated Filter
Innoveering LLCN153-131502SSP/SSPNon-Invasive Measurement of Fluid/Gas Characteristics in Harsh Environments
Intelligent Automation, Inc.N11A-T021303SSP/Code 30Cognitive Ultra-Low Power Sensor System (CUPSS)
Intelligent Automation, Inc.N143-126303NAVSUP/NAVSUP, NCTRFThermal Stress Analysis in Protective Equipment (TSAPE)
Intelligent Fiber Optic Systems CorporationN101-095906ONR/Code 33Multiplexed Fiber Optic Sensor System for SHM of Ships: Integration & Validation
Intellisense Systems, Inc.N151-038601NAVSEA/PEO SUBSubmarine-Deployable Weather Sensor
Interphase Materials, Inc.N161-041302NAVSEA/PEO SUBGuided Missile Submarine SSGN Seawater System Antifouling
JEM Engineering LLCN152-081915NAVAIR/PEO (T)Synthesis and Realization of Broadband Magnetic Flux Channel Antennas
JENTEK Sensors, Inc.N06-020909NAVAIR/FRCEnhanced Eddy Current Nondestructive Inspection Capability for Corrosion and Crack Detection of Aerospace Structures
JPAnalytics LLCN161-068609ONR/Code 32The Modular Clandestine Communications System (MCCS)
K2 Energy Solutions, Inc.N151-073509ONR/Code 35Enhanced Cell Designs for Improved Internal Heat Transfer for High Rate and Power Capable, Large-Format Batteries
Kennon Products, Inc.N06-016107NAVAIR/PEO (A)Anti-Ballistic Cabin Liner System for V-22
Keystone Synergistic Enterprises, Inc.N15A-T007400NAVAIR/PEO (A)Real-Time Additive Manufacturing Process Models Applied to Wire Fed Electron Beam Processed 4340 Steel
Kord Technologies, Inc.N15A-T002500NAVAIR/PEO (A)Vortex Preserving and Consistent Large Eddy Simulations for Naval Applications
Kyma Technologies, Inc.N151-046708NAVSEA/PEO IWSLow-Cost Gallium Nitride (GaN) on Diamond Semiconductors for Microwave Power Amplifiers
LightSpin Technologies, Inc.N15A-T011100NAVSEA/PEO IWSUltra scaling of SPAD arrays for high-speed laser ranging
Luna Innovations IncorporatedN161-017903NAVAIR/JSF, PEO (A)Single Vacuum Bag Process for Rapid, On-Site Repair of Composites
Lynntech, Inc.N143-128301NAVSUP/NAVSUPAdvanced Textile Manufacturing Utilizing 3D Printing
Lynntech, Inc.N132-093301NAVAIR/AIR-1.0Compact, Logistics Free Electrochemical Reduced Oxygen Breathing Device
Materials Research & DesignN161-046409NAVSEA/PEO IWSCeramic-Metal Joining for Hypersonic Vehicle and Missile Components
Materials Sciences CorporationN161-023300NAVFAC/NAVFACSinking Hose System for Amphibious Bulk Liquid Transfer System (ABLTS)
Mayachitra, Inc.N14A-T008916NAVAIR/PEO (U&W)Foveated Video Object Recognition
Mayachitra, Inc.N161-013916NAVAIR/PEO (U&W)Image Correspondence Figure of Merit (FOM)
Metamagnetics, Inc.N152-123706SPAWAR/PEO SPACEFerrite-Based Frequency Selective Limiter and Signal-to-Noise Enhancer for Interference Protection and Prevention in UHF SATCOM
Metis Design CorporationN161-009907NAVAIR/PEO (A)Damage Detection in Complex Fastened Joints
METSS CorporationN153-126307MARCOR/MARCORHigh Voltage Antenna Protection for Hand-held and Man-pack Radios
METSS CorporationN04-160307NAVSEA/PEO SUBSynthetic External Hydraulic (HEX) Fluid (2075-S) for Submarine Applications
Midé Technology CorporationN153-124801MARCOR/MARCORBISCEP (Biomass Incinerating Stirling Cycle Energy Producer)
nGimat LLCN15A-T010407NAVSEA/PEO IWSReliable Manufacturing of Scandia-doped Tungsten Powders for Thermionic Cathodes
NuvotronicsN161-031709NAVSEA/PEO IWSEfficient, Low-Loss Combiner Technology for Affordable Transmit and Receive Module Manufacturing
ObjectSecurity LLCN163-D02207SPAWAR/PMW-790Supply Chain Risk Analysis & Management System (SCRAMS)
Optimax Systems, Inc.N152-107406NSMA/NSMAManufacturing of Visibly Transparent Large Conformal Windows
Optimax Systems, Inc.N152-106406NSMA/NSMAMetrology of Visibly Transparent Large Aspheric Optics
OptiPro Systems LLCN152-107408NSMA/NSMAManufacturing of Visibly Transparent Large Conformal Windows
Pacific Engineering, Inc.N141-041108NAVSEA/PEO SUBAdaptable Universal Composite Canister for Virginia Payload Modules
Paragon Space Development CorporationN152-099805NAVSEA/PEO SHIPCooled BusWork for Shipboard Distribution and Energy Storage
PC Krause and Associates, Inc.N103-207809NAVAIR/JSFHigh Density, High Efficiency Electrical Power Generation
Photonic Systems, Inc.N161-034703NAVSEA/PEO SUBRadio Frequency over Fiber (RFoF) for the Next Generation Submarine Electronic Warfare (EW) System
Physical Optics CorporationN152-112921ONR/Code 35Ferroelectric Resonator Oscillator
Physical Sciences, Inc.N151-048507NAVSEA/PEO SUBHigh Energy, Long Life Cells for On-Board Sensors
Propel LLCN143-127309NAVSUP/NAVSUPElectrically Functional Garment Systems: Developing a Smart Integrated Uniform™ Prototype Garment
QorTek, Inc.N153-126308MARCOR/MARCORHigh Voltage Antenna Protection for Hand-held and Man-pack Radios
QuickFlex, Inc.N152-096603NAVAIR/PEO (A)FlexDuo - An FPGA Accelerated, Flexible Execution Mission Processing
Real-Time Innovations, Inc.N111-054501NAVSEA/PEO IWSDDS System Designer and Emulator
Redondo Optics, Inc.N162-100908NAVAIR/PEO (A)Integrated Hybrid Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) System
ReliaCoat Technologies LLCN16A-T019306ONR/Code 33Thermal Barrier Coatings for Long Life in Marine Gas Turbine Engines
SA Photonics, Inc.N161-029705NAVSEA/PEO IWSShipboard Cabling using Rugged Wavelength Division Multiplexing
SA Photonics, Inc.N152-116705ONR/Code 35Affordable Compact HPRF/HPM Attack Warning System
SA Photonics, Inc.N122-146705SPAWAR/PEO SPACENovel CubeSat Payloads for Naval Space Missions
SA Photonics, Inc.N16A-T024705ONR/Code 32SOCRATES™ Maritime Multi-access Optical Communication System
SAFE, Inc.N101-026209NAVAIR/PEO (T)Multi-Axis Vibration Mitigation and Habitability Improvement for Seated Occupants
San Diego Composites, Inc.N152-118808ONR/Code 33Ultra High Density Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Based Flywheel Energy Storage for Shipboard Pulse Load Operation
Scalable Network Technologies, Inc.N08-225503SPAWAR/JPEO JTRSApplication Traffic Injection into Live Virtual Constructive Link-16 Models
Sciaky, Inc.N142-125403SSP/SSPAffordable Manufacturing of Refractory Metal Components
Scientific Applications & Research Associates, Inc.N151-026911NAVAIR/PEO (U&W)Small Non-Cooperative Collision Avoidance Systems Suited to Small Tactical Unmanned Systems
SeaLandAire Technologies, Inc.N161-001606NAVAIR/PEO (A), PEO (U&W)Mid Frequency Active Sonobuoy
Sentient Science CorporationN152-109401ONR/Code 33Reliability Centered Additive Manufacturing Design Framework
SimVentions, Inc.N05-053504NAVSEA/PEO IWSModeling the Impact of Technology Transition on Ship Operational Capabilities
Sonalysts, Inc.N161-025104NAVSEA/PEO SUBDigital Early Warning Receiver (EWR) for the Next Generation Submarine Electronic Warfare (EW)
Sonalysts, Inc.N101-004104ONR/Code 32Air Anti-Submarine Warfare Modeling and Simulation Tool
Star Lab CorporationN162-115605NAVSEA/PEO IWSWarden: Cyber Threat Anomaly Detection for Combat Systems
STILMAN Advanced StrategiesN03-202202NAVSEA/PEO IWSRAID Technology Innovative Research, Predictive and Causal Modeling for NAVSEA
SubUAS LLCN16A-T025913ONR/Code 32Multirotor Unmanned Air / Underwater Vehicle for Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and Mine Countermeasures (MCM)
Systems Technology, Inc.N161-056920ONR/Code 35Intuitive, High Confidence Human-Machine Interface Symbology for Carrier Landing
Systems Technology, Inc.N15A-T006920NAVAIR/PEO (T), PEO (U&W)Pseudospectral Optimal Control for Flight Trajectory Optimization
Tactical EdgeN152-122101ONR/Code 30In-Transit Visibility Module for Lifts of Opportunity Program (LOOP) & Transportation Exploitation Tool (TET)
TDA Research, Inc.N151-025918NAVAIR/PEO (T)Ignition Composition with Low Moisture Susceptibility
Technology Service CorporationN162-106206NAVAIR/AIR-1.0Advanced High Speed Bus Technologies for Units Under Test (UUT), Test and Evaluation
Teqnovations LLCN151-076704ONR/Code 31Modular, Polarization-Preserving, 40-200 GHz, Active, Electronically Steered Array (AESA) Focal-Plane + Reflector Antenna for Next-Generation, Space-borne Radiometer
Texas Research Institute Austin, Inc.N161-017900NAVAIR/JSF, PEO (A)Efficient On-Aircraft Composite Repair Process Requiring Minimal Support Equipment
ThermAvant Technologies LLCN161-052810NAVSEA/PEO IWSAdvanced Heat Spreader Technology for Gallium Nitride (GaN) Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits (MMICs)
TiER1 Performance Solutions LLCN162-090912NAVAIR/AIR-1.0ATTICUS: Attentional Trainer To Improve Control of Unmanned Systems
Touchstone Research Laboratory, Ltd.N161-069109ONR/Code 33Fiber Reinforced Aluminum Crack Repair for Aluminum Structures
Touchstone Research Laboratory, Ltd.MDA05-068109NAVAIR/AIR-4.7Metal Matrix Composite Axial Propulsion Missile Components
Toyon Research CorporationN161-004102NAVAIR/PEO (A)Maritime Traffic Model Aided Tracking
Triton Systems, Inc.N151-002208MARCOR/PEO LSLight-weight Vehicle Exhaust System for Amphibious Vehicles
Triton Systems, Inc.N153-127208MARCOR/MARCORLow Power Water Purification System
Triton Systems, Inc.N163-D01208MARCOR/MARCORTrue Awareness Hearing Protector
Triton Systems, Inc.N152-110208ONR/Code 34Dive Helmet Communication System
Triton Systems, Inc.N161-038208NAVSEA/PEO SHIPShipboard Additive Manufacturing (AM)/3D Printing
UES, Inc.N162-088904NAVAIR/PEO (A)High Temperature, High Performance Wire Insulation (17-RD-964)
Vacuum Process Engineering, Inc.N15A-T010404NAVSEA/PEO IWSNanocomposite Scandate Tungsten Powder for High Current Density and Long Life Thermionic Cathodes
Vigilant Cyber Systems, Inc.N141-078204ONR/Code 30Develop a Methodology for Cyber-Electronic Warfare Battle Damage Assessment (BDA) using Game Theory
VIP SensorsN151-011604NAVAIR/PEO (A)Deep Fiber Optic Vector Sensor Array
Vulcan Wireless, Inc.AF083-193700SPAWARBandwidth Efficient SATCOM Waveform Techniques
Wecoso LLCN153-129802MARCOR/MARCORUltra-Lightweight Expeditionary Power System (U-LEPS)
White River Technologies, Inc.N152-117608ONR/Code 32Low Size, Weight, Power, and Cost (SWAP-C) Magnetic Anomaly Detection (MAD) System
WindliftN153-129803MARCOR/MARCORMan Portable Wind Energy System