Our 23 Small Businesses are excited to tell you about 26 Navy-funded SBIR/STTR projects Accelerating in a New Direction – showcasing Tomorrow’s Technology, Today!

Explore these Small Businesses and their technologies in the Virtual Transition Marketplace.

The exhibits displayed below represent those projects exhibiting at NAVSEA HQ with materials approved for public release. More projects are added each week – we have 115 SBIR/STTR Topics participating in STP this year. Want to meet them in person? Use the legend below to determine where they will be exhibiting and when you can hear their Tech Talk in person. We will be updating our website with specific information on the upcoming events starting in late November. Check back periodically or follow us on social media for updates!

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Participating Small Business Topic Booth SYSCOM/Project Sponsor Project Title
AVID LLCAF083-097197NAVAIR/PEO (U&W)Morphing Actuation System for Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Bioenno Tech, LLCN17A-T011197NAVSEA/PEO IWSHigh Density Capacitors for Compact Transmit and Receive Modules
Charles River Analytics Inc.N171-052197NAVSEA/PEO IWSSystem for Naval Data Aggregation and Planning with Probabilistic Reasoning (SNAPPR)
Charles River Analytics Inc.N171-061197NAVSEA/PEO IWSBlended and Advanced Decision GUI Environment for Reasoning Support (BADGERS)
Colorado Engineering Inc.N171-051197NAVSEA/PEO IWSAdvanced Direct Digital Exciter for Radar (ADDER)
Continental Controls and Design, Inc.N161-048197NAVSEA/PEO SUBMiniaturized Electric Actuation System
Creative Technologies Inc.N171-035197NAVSEA/PEO IWSGamification for Combat System Employment
FoVI 3DN171-041197NAVSEA/PEO IWSGraphics Scene Description and Application Interface for Heterogeneous 3D Display Environments
Lynntech, Inc.N162-092197NAVAIR/4.0T CTOPractical All Solid-State (PASS) Li-Ion Batteries (LIB)
Lynntech, Inc.N171-060197NAVSEA/NAVSEADIRDevelopment of energetic feedstock for COTS additive manufacturing
Materials Sciences CorporationN171-042197NAVSEA/PEO SHIPImproved Skirt System for Air Cushion Vehicles
Pacific Engineering, IncN162-079197MARCOR/MARCORFuel Efficiency Improvements for Amphibious Vehicles
Physical Optics CorporationN171-074197NAVSEA/PEO IWSTunable, Rapid, Electronically Controlled X-band (T-REX) Notch Filter
Research Associates of SyracuseN171-044197NAVSEA/PEO IWSCognitive Software Algorithms Techniques for Electronic Warfare
SI2 Technologies, Inc.N101-069197NAVWAR/NAVWAR, PEO SUBKa-Band Communications Antenna System for Surface Ships and Submarine Masts
Texas Research Institute Austin, Inc.N141-041197NAVSEA/PEO SUBAdaptable Standardized Modular Infrastructure for Optimal Space Utilization
The Columbia Group, IncN162-109197NAVSEA/NAVSEADIRMedium Voltage Direct Current (MVDC) Casualty Power
White River TechnologiesN17A-T015197NAVSEA/NAVSEADIRDevelopment of Explosive Non-Acoustic Sensing on Remotely Operated Vehicles for Littoral Threat Characterization in Complex Seabed Environments