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Advanced Electronics

  • Radio Frequency (RF) Components for sensing, transmission, communication
  • Electro-optics: infrared (EO/IR) sensing, transmission, communication, display components
  • Nanoelectronics & Microelectronics: mixed signal, digital processing, emerging architectures
  • Electronics Integration: packaging, reliability
  • Electronic Materials

Air Platforms

  • Fixed Wing Vehicles
  • Rotary Wing Vehicles/Future Vertical Lift
  • Gas Turbine Engine Technologies
  • High-Speed/Hypersonics
  • Aircraft Power and Thermal Management
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)


  • Human/Autonomous System Interaction and Collaboration
  • Scalable teaming of Autonomous Systems
  • Machine Perception, Reasoning and Intelligence
  • Test, Evaluation, Validation, and Verification


  • Biomedical Informatics, Computational Biology, Simulation & Training
  • Health Information Systems & Technology
  • Combat Casualty Care
  • Military Infectious Diseases & Biological Countermeasures
  • Environmental Toxicology & Chemical Countermeasures
  • Medical Radiological Defense
  • Military Operational Medicine
  • Clinical & Rehabilitative Medicine

Command & Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence (C4I)

  • HCI for Decision Making
  • Synthesis / Analytics / Decision Tools
  • Information Collection / Management
  • Advanced Computing / SW Development
  • Networks and Communications


  • Cyber Maneuver
  • Cyber Situational Awareness
  • Recovery & Reconstitution
  • Science of Cyber Security
  • Secure Mobility
  • Security of Embedded & Weapons Systems

Electronic Warfare/Electronic Protection (EW/EP)

  • Cognitive, Adaptive Capabilities
  • Coordinated / Distributed / Network-Enabled Systems
  • Preemptive / Proactive Effects (real-time sensing, assessment and optimization of EA effectiveness)
  • Broadband / Multispectral Systems
  • Modular / Open / Software-Configurable Architectures
  • Advanced EP Techniques & Technology

Energy and Power Technology

  • Power generation / energy conversion
  • Energy storage
  • Power distribution and control
  • Thermal transport and control
  • Electromechanical conversion

Engineered Resilient Systems (ERS)

  • Integrated suite of computational M&S capabilties
  • Systems Engineering Tools

Ground and Sea Platforms

  • Design and Integration
  • Survivability
  • Mobility
  • Modularity
  • Maintainability
  • Unmanned Platforms

Human Systems

  • Personnel, Training, and Leader Development
  • System Interfaces and Cognitive Processing
  • Protection, Sustainment, and Physical Performance
  • Social, Cultural, & Behavioral Understanding

Materials & Manufacturing Processes

  • Materials and processes for Civil Engineering
  • M&MP for Power and Energy
  • M&MP for Propulsion and Extreme Environment Materials
  • M&MP for Sensors, Electronics and Photonics
  • M&MP for Structures and Protection
  • Corrosion
  • Laser Hardened Materials
  • Low Observables
  • Metamaterials
  • Nanotechnology
  • Materials Genome
  • M&MP for Readiness

Sensors and Processing

  • Electro-optic and infrared (EO/IR) sensors
  • Radio Frequency (RF) sensors
  • Acoustic, magnetic, seismic sensors, etc.
  • Special purpose sensors including: nuclear, chemical, biological
  • Sensor processing

Weapons Technologies

  • Ordnance
  • Guidance/Navigation & Control
  • Propulsion
  • Modeling, Simulation & Test Infrastructure
  • Integrated Guided Weapon Demonstrators
  • Undersea Weapons
  • High Energy Lasers
  • RF Weapons
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  • NAVSEA Test Company
  • SPAWAR Test Company
  • Nokomis, Inc
  • TDA Research, Inc.
  • ATA Engineering, Inc
  • Boston Fusion Corp.
  • HYPRES, Inc.
  • Quantum Semiconductor LLC
  • Sensing Strategies, Inc.
  • Reactive Metals International Inc.
  • Metamagnetics Inc.
  • ASR Corporation
  • Vigilant Cyber Systems, Inc.
  • Advanced Systems & Technologies, Inc
  • Advanced Ceramic Fibers, LLC
  • Chip Scan Inc
  • Out of the Fog Research LLC
  • Daniel H. Wagner, Associates, Incorporated
  • Ocean Power Technologies, Inc.
  • Real-Time Innovations
  • Hydroacoustics Inc.
  • Materials Sciences Corporation
  • Applied Thin Films, Inc.
  • EnergYnTech/N.A.Tech. Inc.
  • Charles River Analytics Inc.
  • Intelligent Automation, Inc.
  • Numerica Corporation
  • White River Technologies
  • GIRD Systems, Inc.
  • Applied Research in Acoustics LLC
  • Trident Systems Incorproated
  • Adaptive Methods, Inc
  • Qualtech Systems, Inc.
  • Creare LLC
  • NP Photonics, Inc.
  • Beacon Interactive Systems
  • ASSETT, Incorporated
  • METSS Corporation
  • Marine Acoustics, Inc.
  • San Diego Composites, Inc.
  • Fuse Integration, Inc.
  • La Jolla Logic, Inc
  • Propel LLC
  • MaxPower, Inc.
  • SciTec, Inc.
  • Physical Sciences Inc.
  • Prime Photonics, LC
  • Helicon Chemical Company LLC
  • VIP Sensors
  • SciMax Technologies
  • Toyon Research Corp.
  • HygraTek LLC
  • NanoSonic, Inc.
  • Luna Innovations Incorporated
  • Technical Data Analysis, Inc.
  • SA Photonics, Inc.
  • Knite Inc.
  • Technology Service Corporation
  • Sonalysts, Inc.
  • M4 Engineering, Inc.
  • Visual Performance LLC
  • Advanced Rotorcraft Technology, Inc.
  • GVD Corporation
  • Mainstream Engineering Corporation
  • Azure Summit Technology, Inc.
  • UtopiaCompression, Corporation
  • Redondo Optics, Inc.
  • Radiation Detection Technologies, Inc.
  • Perceptronics Solutions, Inc.
  • Mayachitra, Inc.
  • Syncopated Engineering Inc
  • Composites Automation
  • Materials Research & Design
  • Yankee Environmental Systems, Inc.
  • Hydronalix, Inc
  • Space Information Laboratories, LLC
  • Barron Associates, Inc.
  • Freedom Photonics LLC
  • Systems & Technology Research
  • Intelligent Optical Systems, Inc.
  • Atmospheric Plasma Solutions
  • Scalable Network Technologies Inc
  • SeaLandAire Technologies, Inc.
  • Lynntech, Inc.
  • Metis Design Corporation
  • Summit Test Solutions
  • Innoveering, LLC
  • OptiPro Systems LLC
  • Bridger Photonics, Inc
  • NAVSYS Corporation
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  • ONR
  • SSP
  • NSMA
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HygraTek LLC
Topic: N14A-T013
Durable Low Adhesion Anti-Icing and Ice-Phobic Surfaces
Icing events adversely impacts sailor safety and ship stability due to environmental conditions, and subsequently creates adverse ice removal requirements. This technology reduces ice adhesion providing long-term performance throughout repeated icing-deicing cycles. Icephobic coatings can be integrated from ships to equipment within the theater of operations.

Year: 2018
NanoSonic, Inc.
Topic: N14A-T013
NanoSonic’s HybridSil Ice Protective Coating will provide ice buildup protection for U.S. Navy ships during arctic missions. This innovative one-part nanocomposite technology offers facile ice removal with the added benefits of environmental durability, corrosion protection, spray depositability, and in-field application.

Year: 2018
Luna Innovations Incorporated
Topic: N14A-T014
Durable Sol-Gel Surface Treatment to Control Cathodic Current Density
The sol-gel surface treatment mitigates galvanic corrosion around fasteners by providing excellent physical and electrical barrier protection. It is designed for drop-in fastener application and ease of use. It can be integrated on aircraft and applications requiring galvanic corrosion protection.

Year: 2018
Technical Data Analysis, Inc.
Topic: N121-099
Detecting Crack Nucleation/Damage Mechanisms In Sea-Based Aviation Environments
Company has developed an analysis and sensing toolkit for aircraft designers and maintainers that implements innovative approaches to quantifying damage in environmentally assisted areas that includes the effects of different damage mechanisms. Sensing technology enables effective degradation measurements for alloys of structural interest.

Year: 2018
SA Photonics, Inc.
Topic: N121-036
The Optical RF Memory (ORFM) system provides increased protection against current and emerging ultra-wideband radar systems via false target locations. ORFM is a fully integrated fiber optic-based system with low SWaP, generating significantly enhanced abilities to thwart adversarial radar systems.

Year: 2018
Knite Inc.
Topic: N14A-T004
Active Combustion Control (ACC) of Augmentor Dynamics
Knite Inc. provides transformational ignition technology for turbine and augmentor applications. Knite is actively pursuing collaborative partnerships with fielded and developmental systems as well as leading ignition component suppliers to test, evaluate, and manufacture Kinetic Spark Ignition.

Year: 2018
Technology Service Corporation
Topic: AF141-253
Disruptive Military Navigation Architectures
LIFTS provides a low SWAP-C, RF sensor system for position, navigation and guidance (PNT) in GPS denied and adverse weather conditions. TSC developed LIFTS on IRAD to provide a RF sensor solution for shipborne autonomous landing and unmanned aerial refueling.

Year: 2018
Sonalysts, Inc.
Topic: N151-021
Advanced Modeling and Visualization of Effects for Future Electronic Warfare Systems
Maintaining Electronic Warfare Excellence in the digital age will be gauged by how well an organization provides meaningful training to its personnel. Our EW Visualization software provides cutting edge technological solutions at an exceptional price point.

Year: 2018
M4 Engineering, Inc.
Topic: N12A-T004
Bonded Joint Analysis Method
An advanced modeling tool for adhesive bonds that will allow faster introduction of new materials and better designs is being created. It will enable higher operational reliability and robustness of bonded joints for DoD and related customers.

Year: 2018
Visual Performance LLC
Topic: N142-104
Effective Measures of Training Display System Performance
With the Display Measurement Toolkit customers conduct objective, automated, and comprehensive tests of complex simulation training display systems. Standard metrics, test patterns, and procedures simplify test plan preparation, replace subjective evaluations, reduce risks, and increase likelihood systems meet warfighter needs.

Year: 2018
Charles River Analytics Inc.
Topic: N122-124
Advanced Mission Planning Tools (AMPT)
Charles River Analytics is developing Advanced Mission Display and Planning Tools (AMPT) that enable efficient manned-unmanned teaming. AMPT also provides a simulation environment that enables exploration of information needs for manned-unmanned teams in a variety command and control arrangements.

Year: 2018
Advanced Rotorcraft Technology, Inc.
Topic: N15A-T009
High Fidelity Rotorcraft Towing Modeling and Simulation with Towed Magnetic Anomaly Detection System
This simulation software for rotorcraft towing magnetic anomaly detectors is developed by Advanced Rotorcraft Technology, a California-based company world-widely known for its state-of-the-art flight simulations software FLIGHTLAB and its contributions to rotorcraft research and development over the past 35 years.

Year: 2018
GVD Corporation
Topic: N093-187
Innovative Environmental Protection for Airborne Platforms
This technology is a conformal coating that improves reliability of electronics which operate in harsh environments, such as airborne or maritime systems, with negligible RF parameter impact.

Year: 2018
Mainstream Engineering Corporation
Topic: N151-065
Extreme Temperature, Low Loss Custom Power Switch
Mainstream Engineering’s GaN power switch module is an enabling technology for the construction of 6 MW/m3 power conversion systems. This switch module supports 1.3 kV, 240 A peak, and allows 70% higher power throughput than similarly rated IGBT modules.

Year: 2018
Azure Summit Technology, Inc.
Topic: N151-064
Cognitive Radio Architectures for Cyberspace Operations
Azure Summit is developing a cognitive, software defined radio (SDR) architecture capable of detecting and classifying many standard communications protocols, allowing autonomous systems to locate the source of RF emissions for increased situational awareness.

Year: 2018
Topic: N142-098
Universal Decoder for Airborne Generated Data
RMCI's Intelligent Data File Interpretation™ (IDFI™) software tool allows users to decode binary data files with unknown formats quickly. This IDFI™ software frees valuable data from proprietary formats, enabling significant reductions in a program's cost, time, and risk.

Year: 2018
UtopiaCompression, Corporation
Topic: OSD10-HS3
Training Effectiveness Measurement Software
In this Phase II Base, skill assessment software will be developed based on concept of “knowledge tracing” to predict mastery achieved by trainees during training. The software is designed to integrate with front-end training systems to identify areas of improvement based on which the trainers can provide personalized and directed remediation.

Year: 2018
Redondo Optics, Inc.
Topic: N151-006
Low Power, Low Cost, Lightweight, Multichannel Optical Fiber Interrogation Unit for Structural Health Management of Rotor Blades
Redondo Optics is developing a high-speed, self-powered, wireless fiber optic sensor (MOFIS™) system to provide real-time load and fatigue damage detection, tracking, and prognosis for the helicopter rotor structural components. MOFIS™ maximizes operational readiness and reduces maintenance and operational costs.

Year: 2018
Daniel H. Wagner, Associates, Incorporated
Topic: N151-020
Fusion and Optimization for C2 of Unmanned Systems (FOCUS)
Our tools, built on provably correct formal methods/contextual messaging, will intuitively obtain planning details from the user, and then generate and dynamically change provably correct mission plans for manned/unmanned teams operating in complex contested environments using very limited bandwidth.

Year: 2018
Fuse Integration, Inc.
Topic: N151-015
Minimized Space, Weight and Power Network Architecture Solution
CORE is a small form factor cipher text networking solution that addresses significant SWaP challenges for DoD airborne, surface, and subsurface platforms.

Year: 2018