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Advanced Electronics

  • Radio Frequency (RF) Components for sensing, transmission, communication
  • Electro-optics: infrared (EO/IR) sensing, transmission, communication, display components
  • Nanoelectronics & Microelectronics: mixed signal, digital processing, emerging architectures
  • Electronics Integration: packaging, reliability
  • Electronic Materials

Air Platforms

  • Fixed Wing Vehicles
  • Rotary Wing Vehicles/Future Vertical Lift
  • Gas Turbine Engine Technologies
  • High-Speed/Hypersonics
  • Aircraft Power and Thermal Management
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)


  • Human/Autonomous System Interaction and Collaboration
  • Scalable teaming of Autonomous Systems
  • Machine Perception, Reasoning and Intelligence
  • Test, Evaluation, Validation, and Verification


  • Biomedical Informatics, Computational Biology, Simulation & Training
  • Health Information Systems & Technology
  • Combat Casualty Care
  • Military Infectious Diseases & Biological Countermeasures
  • Environmental Toxicology & Chemical Countermeasures
  • Medical Radiological Defense
  • Military Operational Medicine
  • Clinical & Rehabilitative Medicine

Command & Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence (C4I)

  • HCI for Decision Making
  • Synthesis / Analytics / Decision Tools
  • Information Collection / Management
  • Advanced Computing / SW Development
  • Networks and Communications


  • Cyber Maneuver
  • Cyber Situational Awareness
  • Recovery & Reconstitution
  • Science of Cyber Security
  • Secure Mobility
  • Security of Embedded & Weapons Systems

Electronic Warfare/Electronic Protection (EW/EP)

  • Cognitive, Adaptive Capabilities
  • Coordinated / Distributed / Network-Enabled Systems
  • Preemptive / Proactive Effects (real-time sensing, assessment and optimization of EA effectiveness)
  • Broadband / Multispectral Systems
  • Modular / Open / Software-Configurable Architectures
  • Advanced EP Techniques & Technology

Energy and Power Technology

  • Power generation / energy conversion
  • Energy storage
  • Power distribution and control
  • Thermal transport and control
  • Electromechanical conversion

Engineered Resilient Systems (ERS)

  • Integrated suite of computational M&S capabilties
  • Systems Engineering Tools

Ground and Sea Platforms

  • Design and Integration
  • Survivability
  • Mobility
  • Modularity
  • Maintainability
  • Unmanned Platforms

Human Systems

  • Personnel, Training, and Leader Development
  • System Interfaces and Cognitive Processing
  • Protection, Sustainment, and Physical Performance
  • Social, Cultural, & Behavioral Understanding

Materials & Manufacturing Processes

  • Materials and processes for Civil Engineering
  • M&MP for Power and Energy
  • M&MP for Propulsion and Extreme Environment Materials
  • M&MP for Sensors, Electronics and Photonics
  • M&MP for Structures and Protection
  • Corrosion
  • Laser Hardened Materials
  • Low Observables
  • Metamaterials
  • Nanotechnology
  • Materials Genome
  • M&MP for Readiness

Sensors and Processing

  • Electro-optic and infrared (EO/IR) sensors
  • Radio Frequency (RF) sensors
  • Acoustic, magnetic, seismic sensors, etc.
  • Special purpose sensors including: nuclear, chemical, biological
  • Sensor processing

Weapons Technologies

  • Ordnance
  • Guidance/Navigation & Control
  • Propulsion
  • Modeling, Simulation & Test Infrastructure
  • Integrated Guided Weapon Demonstrators
  • Undersea Weapons
  • High Energy Lasers
  • RF Weapons
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  • NAVSEA Test Company
  • SPAWAR Test Company
  • Nokomis, Inc
  • TDA Research, Inc.
  • ATA Engineering, Inc
  • Boston Fusion Corp.
  • HYPRES, Inc.
  • Quantum Semiconductor LLC
  • Sensing Strategies, Inc.
  • Reactive Metals International Inc.
  • Metamagnetics Inc.
  • ASR Corporation
  • Vigilant Cyber Systems, Inc.
  • Advanced Systems & Technologies, Inc
  • Advanced Ceramic Fibers, LLC
  • Chip Scan Inc
  • Out of the Fog Research LLC
  • Daniel H. Wagner, Associates, Incorporated
  • Ocean Power Technologies, Inc.
  • Real-Time Innovations
  • Hydroacoustics Inc.
  • Materials Sciences Corporation
  • Applied Thin Films, Inc.
  • EnergYnTech/N.A.Tech. Inc.
  • Charles River Analytics Inc.
  • Intelligent Automation, Inc.
  • Numerica Corporation
  • White River Technologies
  • GIRD Systems, Inc.
  • Applied Research in Acoustics LLC
  • Trident Systems Incorproated
  • Adaptive Methods, Inc
  • Qualtech Systems, Inc.
  • Creare LLC
  • NP Photonics, Inc.
  • Beacon Interactive Systems
  • ASSETT, Incorporated
  • METSS Corporation
  • Marine Acoustics, Inc.
  • San Diego Composites, Inc.
  • Fuse Integration, Inc.
  • La Jolla Logic, Inc
  • Propel LLC
  • MaxPower, Inc.
  • SciTec, Inc.
  • Physical Sciences Inc.
  • Prime Photonics, LC
  • Helicon Chemical Company LLC
  • VIP Sensors
  • SciMax Technologies
  • Toyon Research Corp.
  • HygraTek LLC
  • NanoSonic, Inc.
  • Luna Innovations Incorporated
  • Technical Data Analysis, Inc.
  • SA Photonics, Inc.
  • Knite Inc.
  • Technology Service Corporation
  • Sonalysts, Inc.
  • M4 Engineering, Inc.
  • Visual Performance LLC
  • Advanced Rotorcraft Technology, Inc.
  • GVD Corporation
  • Mainstream Engineering Corporation
  • Azure Summit Technology, Inc.
  • UtopiaCompression, Corporation
  • Redondo Optics, Inc.
  • Radiation Detection Technologies, Inc.
  • Perceptronics Solutions, Inc.
  • Mayachitra, Inc.
  • Syncopated Engineering Inc
  • Composites Automation
  • Materials Research & Design
  • Yankee Environmental Systems, Inc.
  • Hydronalix, Inc
  • Space Information Laboratories, LLC
  • Barron Associates, Inc.
  • Freedom Photonics LLC
  • Systems & Technology Research
  • Intelligent Optical Systems, Inc.
  • Atmospheric Plasma Solutions
  • Scalable Network Technologies Inc
  • SeaLandAire Technologies, Inc.
  • Lynntech, Inc.
  • Metis Design Corporation
  • Summit Test Solutions
  • Innoveering, LLC
  • OptiPro Systems LLC
  • Bridger Photonics, Inc
  • NAVSYS Corporation
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  • ONR
  • SSP
  • NSMA
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Topic: N151-012
Innovative Approach to Rapidly Qualify Ti-6Al-4V Metallic Aircraft Parts Manufactured by Additive Manufacturing (AM) Techniques
3DSIM provides predictive tools for the metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) industry. These tools provide physics-based insight (distortion, residual stress, thermal history, microstructure, etc.) associated with powder bed fusion/laser sintering processes; saving time and money associated with production and qualification.

Year: 2018
Atmospheric Plasma Solutions
Topic: N151-022
Method for Removal of Airfield Paint Markings and Aircraft Tire Rubber Build-up from Installed AM2 Mat Surfaces
PlasmaBlast(TM) is a safe, environmentally friendly and easy to operate system that removes coatings effectively using APCR technology. The small footprint, lightweight device offers mobility and portability to operate in hard to reach locations.

Year: 2018
Scalable Network Technologies Inc
Topic: A04-132
Scalable Analysis Environment for Underwater Communication Networks
SCALABLE is working with the Forward-Deployed Energy and Communications Outpost (FDECO) Innovative Naval Prototype (INP) to develop a capability to support extended unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) operations by providing modeling and simulation of energy and communication services utilizing EXata/JNE.

Year: 2018
SeaLandAire Technologies, Inc.
Topic: N101-014
High Gain Array of Velocity Sensors
The Navy has an emerging need for high signal-to-noise detection systems for low-frequency sonar operations. The Digital DIFAR Vertical Line Array (DDVLA) sonobuoy provides a high-gain sonar detection solution in noisy environments by utilizing an array of miniaturized directional detectors.

Year: 2018
Lynntech, Inc.
Topic: N152-093
Advanced Cathode for High Energy Li-Air Batteries
Naval aircraft require batteries with higher specific energy than are currently available. Lynntech Inc is developing rechargeable lithium-air batteries that offer greater specific energy, longer lifetimes, wider operating temperature ranges, enhanced safety, and lower cost than current lithium-ion batteries.

Year: 2018
Metis Design Corporation
Topic: N10A-T042
Probability of Detection (PoD) Toolbox for Guided Wave based Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)
The MD7 Pro sensor network is enabling the transition of Structural Monitoring from a costly scheduled manual procedure to a real-time automated procedure. The system can detect fatigue crack initiation and growth, corrosion, and/or impact events and provide condition-based alerts.

Year: 2018
TDA Research, Inc.
Topic: N152-093
Innovative, High-Energy, High Power, Light-Weight Battery Storage Systems Based on Li-air, Li-sulfur (Li-S) chemistries
To meet the increasing energy demands of Naval aircraft, TDA Research is developing reliable cathode materials for Lithium-sulfur (Li-S) battery technologies that have the potential to dramatically increase their energy density and long cycle.

Year: 2018
Summit Test Solutions
Topic: N101-029
Automated Generation of Advanced Test Diagrams to Reduce Test Program Set Life-Cycle Costs
Delivering an automated test diagram generation solution eliminates the time consuming, error-prone manual process. Using IEEE standards we are able to illustrate the routing of signals in a Test Program Set (TPS) which is a key support document in the maintenance of weapons systems.

Year: 2018
Innoveering, LLC
Topic: N152-095
Micro-Plasma Blade Monitoring Sensor System
A sensor system featuring miniature probes that are capable of operating uncooled in the ultra-high temperature environments of gas turbine engines to provide real-time health monitoring through tracking of blade tip dynamics with high spatial and temporal resolution.

Year: 2018
OptiPro Systems LLC
Topic: N132-122
High Precision Conformal Sensor Window
OptiPro, a computer controlled equipment manufacturer, developed the eSX 5-axis grinding machine, UltraForm Finishing sub-aperture polishing process, and UltraSmooth Finishing mid-to-large aperture polishing process to manufacture spheres, aspheres, freeform optics, and conformal windows.

Year: 2018
OptiPro Systems LLC
Topic: N132-124
Corrective Optics Manufacturing for Aerodynamic Infrared Domes and Conformal Sensor Windows
OptiPro’s Radial In-Feed Grinding reduced cycle time by 60%, PROSurf freeform CAM software reduced form error, and UltraSurfs new optical probe (Bridger Photonics) showed potential to attain interferometric-level accuracies for corrective optics manufacturing.

Year: 2018
OptiPro Systems LLC
Topic: N132-121
Aerodynamic Dome Manufacturing Cost Reduction
OptiSonic ultrasonic grinding, UltraForm Finishing (UFF) polishing, and UltraSurf, the only commercially available measurement technology for ogive shaped domes enables the production of complex shaped ogive components to optical tolerances from hard ceramic materials like polycrystalline alumina (PCA).

Year: 2018
Bridger Photonics, Inc
Topic: N152-105
Metrology of Visibly Opaque, Infrared-Transparent Aerodynamic Domes, Conformal Windows, and Optical Corrector Elements
The SLM IM IR metrology system enables higher precision measurements and faster update rates than existing systems. Wavelength flexibility improves penetration of IR materials. Integration with existing precision translation stages enables surface/thickness profiles of complex aerodynamic and conformal optics.

Year: 2018
OptiPro Systems LLC
Topic: N152-105
Metrology of Visibly Opaque, Infrared-Transparent Aerodynamic Domes, Conformal Windows, and Optical Corrector Elements
UltraSurf is a 5-axis non-contact metrology system capable of accurately measuring standard and complex optical shapes for figure and transmitted wavefront. With UltraSurf, companies can cost-effectively manufacture aerodynamic domes and other precision optical components to sub- micron accuracies.

Year: 2018
NAVSYS Corporation
Topic: AF141-253
System-Of-Systems Open Architecture PNT (SOAP) Solution for Assured PNT in a GPS Denied Environment
Operating in a GPS denied environment will be critical in future conflicts. NAVSYS is developing an innovative solution using Signals of Opportunity to provide A-PNT in a GPS denied operational environment.

Year: 2018